Becoming A Member

TIGER 21 selects Candidates who are of high integrity, who have expertise to offer their fellow Group Members, and who are open to learning from their fellow Group Members.

Members of TIGER 21 enjoy close and candid relationships with their fellow Members, and with the entire membership across the United States and Canada. As we introduce Candidates to our organization, we seek to balance the confidentiality and continuity of each Group with its desire to identify those who may become outstanding additions to our community.

With that in mind, here is what interested Candidates can expect from the membership process:

Introductory Conversations

Your first conversations about membership will be conducted by TIGER 21 senior staff. The purpose of these meetings is to acquaint you with the TIGER 21 experience and to identify any points of commonality between what you may be seeking and what TIGER 21 can provide.

Background and Reference Checks

If initial discussions determine that TIGER 21 may be a good fit for you, we will invite you to participate in our candidate screening process. This due diligence helps us protect the quality and confidentiality that TIGER 21 Members have come to expect from our community, and we appreciate your cooperation and understanding.

That process requires:

  • A brief summary of your professional background.
  • Three references.
  • Written verification of your net worth. This can include a copy of recent statements from a financial institution substantiating that you have a net worth in excess of TIGER 21’s required threshold, or a CPA’s written verification.
  • A background and credit check, including a review of any relevant information about you that exists in the public domain.
  • A signed confidentiality agreement.

Chair and Member Introductions

TIGER 21 Chairs lead and facilitate each of our Groups, and a Chair will reach out to you to arrange an introductory meeting. Meanwhile, one or two optional discussions with current TIGER 21 Members will allow you to hear about the experience in a Member’s own words, and have any further questions answered before you are nominated as a Candidate.We may also share your name and professional background with other TIGER 21 Members.

Group Meeting

Candidates participate in the World Update and Issues and Opportunities portions of a Group meeting, as well as any presentations and subsequent discussion. Candidates may also be invited to attend the confidential Portfolio Defense, with Member approval.