A Day At TIGER 21

The Exclusive Features of a TIGER 21 Group Meeting

World Update

Each meeting begins with a World Update. Designed to be brief and focused, each Member’s World Update presentation is about five minutes with the objective of giving a private “scan” of the world in which each Member lives, as well as issues and events pertinent to each Member’s personal life. The magic of the World Update is that each Member of the Group is generally “plugged in” to a completely independent network for information. The World Update portion of the meeting day allows Members to share what they know based upon their unique backgrounds and industry knowledge. TIGER 21 Members come prepared to discuss events that occurred during the prior month which they believe will have the greatest impact on their investment strategies; and what actions, if any, they plan to take in response. During this time, Members also discuss personal issues, such as divorces, aging parents, health concerns, home projects, vacations, philanthropy and most of all, children.

Issues and Opportunities

This portion of the meeting day allows Members to place their own specific questions and concerns on the table to seek the collective intelligence and reaction of the Group. It is during this time that Members work through problems and explore opportunities together. Members survey the Group about their own investment opportunities and use the roundtable environment to elicit best-thinking and gain helpful feedback.

Portfolio Defense®

A unique feature of TIGER 21, and what differentiates it from all other CEO and peer groups, is an exercise known as the Portfolio Defense®. Each TIGER 21 meeting allots for one Portfolio Defense® by a Member, who is required to present to the Group the complete and intimate details of his/her personal investment portfolio for review and analysis in the context of his/her stated philosophy and goals.

The confidential Portfolio Defense® process, which typically lasts one hour, is intended to challenge Members by having them share both their qualitative and quantiative story with their fellow Group Members. The presenting Member answers clarifying questions from the Group and receives feedback, recommendations, and suggestions from his peers. This level of exposure, intimacy, and commitment is unique, as it gives Members a means to benchmark themselves against the Group, minus one's ego.

Guest Speakers

Guest speakers are invited to enhance each Group’s knowledge about the landscape in which Members make investment and non-investment decisions. For example, presentations to Groups can cover topics related to specific investment opportunities, deal flow, industry trends, philanthropy, estate planning, family dynamics, private equity deals, industries or niches within industries. Typically, the presentations are about 20 to 30 minutes in length and are followed by an additional 20 to 30 minute Q&A session. At the conclusion of the Q&A, the guest speaker’s time with the Group is complete, and the Group then spends an additional 20 to 30 minutes debriefing on the presentation.

The TIGER 21 staff work closely with each TIGER 21 Group to invite speakers to present topics that are of interest to the Group. Depending on the request of the Group, some speakers are asked to give presentations on specific topics like currencies, philanthropy or contemporary art, while others present on investment opportunities offered by select institutions. After each presentation, the Group rates the presentation and examines the validity of a particular investment in the context of one’s portfolio. Group analysis doesn’t always lead to a consensus; rather, the diversity of the TIGER 21 Group often leads to fuller analysis of the merits of a given opportunity.