About The Program

Welcome to the TIGER 21 Presenter Program. We encourage you to browse through our list of speakers and topics that have appeared before TIGER 21 Members.

Whether a Group has one or two presenters a day, all the presenters at TIGER 21 generally fall within three categories – Investing, Landscape, and Lifestyle & Family.  The majority of presenters are invited by Members to speak to their respective Groups and are usually investment managers or company heads who are well known by our Members. Presenters who come to us in this manner contribute to TIGER 21’s core focus on "collective intelligence." Secondly, in response to a request from a Group, our Presenter Department will seek out and invite a specific speaker who has demonstrated a particular expertise in a select field or investment strategy. We also invite presenters who have contacted us and who we feel will bring value to our Members. Regardless of the manner in which a presenter is identified as a potential speaker, all presenters are approved by either the Members or the Facilitator prior to the presentation.

In instances when a presenter is discussing a topic that has a timely and broad level of interest, or when the individual is renown in his field, he becomes a Headliner Presenter and is invited to speak to a larger group of Members in one of our Headliner Events. Most of our Members look forward to these gatherings as they present an opportunity for meeting and hearing from a world-class expert while allowing interaction with other TIGER 21 Members. TIGER 21 Members unable to attend Headliner Events can listen to recordings of these sessions in the audio archive section of our Member web site.

As the various categories and their sub-sections are explored, you will see that most of the presenters and the topics discussed are investment-related. The majority of our investment-related presentations focus on Alternative Investments, Real Estate, Wealth management, and Asset Allocation.  In addition, we have speakers who present on Public Equities, Fixed Income, Commodities, and a variety of other investment-related subjects. For a complete listing of topics classified under the Investing category, please visit the Category section of the Presenter Program.

As the title suggests, Lifestyle & Family pertains to topics that relate directly to issues that our Members (and their families) deal with everyday. We cover topics that may be too difficult or uncomfortable to discuss with friends, relatives or financial advisors, such as Family Dynamics, Legacy, Security, Healthcare, and an array of other "softer" issues.

Throughout the course of the year, our Landscape presenters offer our Members many opportunities to learn about and explore issues pertaining to some of the more complex and difficult struggles facing our community, nation and world. Topics covered under this subject include the Economy, Environment, International Relations and National Security. TIGER 21 does not have a particular political stance or point of view. We simply recognize that the best way to ensure that our Members make sound decisions is to understand the political, economic and international influences that affect our lives today.