Unique Community

Collective Intelligence: Enhancing Results, Enriching Lives ®

TIGER 21 is a unique community of wealth creators dedicated to unlocking the transformative value of wealth.  Each Group is defined by its impressive Members, who are diverse in terms of age, prior business experience, and net worth. All have been successful in their chosen fields and have a minimum of $10 million in assets to invest. Our Members come from all segments of industry: some are entrepreneurs who have created, built and sold their own businesses. Others are Wall Street executives, CEOs of major companies, and real estate investors. Some find value in TIGER 21 while continuing to be immersed in their jobs, while others have exited their careers and are managing their wealth full time. Masters of the entrepreneurial cycle, all are life-long learners. However, they join TIGER 21 to gain a very different skill set: the ability to be a disciplined protector and enhancer of wealth. Collectively, our network of over 300 Members controls approximately $30 billion in assets.

The TIGER 21 Group environment provides a “safe, confidential space" for Members to explore ideas without feeling "exposed" or "sold".  The dialogue is confidential, vigorous, candid, helpful and fun.  Through their working Groups, TIGER 21 Members have access to a unique Group of co-consumers who have thought through, been exposed to, or have experienced similar issues and circumstances. Because of this, Members are in a position to personally recommend advisors, experts and resources to each other. 

Each Group develops independently under the leadership of the Group Chair and Group Members, who bring their experience, judgment, wisdom, curiosity, and integrity to the table. TIGER 21 Chairs have managed leadership groups or senior management teams, and their role is to create an environment of cooperation while managing an intense agenda complemented by Member-to-Member dialogue, guest presenters, portfolio defenses®, and ongoing consideration of investment opportunities.

TIGER 21 is not for everyone. Members must be willing to invest their time and be open and honest in their Groups. The benefits accrue over months and years through unbiased, knowledgeable, insightful advice from high net worth people in similar situations.