Value of Tiger 21

Collective Intelligence®

Share market insights and discuss how others are allocating assets in response to market conditions

The value of TIGER 21 is access -- access to the best minds and opportunities in the financial world and to a smart and accomplished membership base. Through TIGER 21, I've had a leading chief investment officer critique my portfolio, a highly successful entrepreneur share with me his approach to investing in businesses, and a sounding board of smart and accomplished Members share their best investments and horror stories with me. You can't get that elsewhere."

- Social Media Entrepreneur
Peer Community

Build trusted relationships with others who've dealt with similar issues

One of the great things about joining TIGER 21 has been interacting with people who are in the same boat I'm in. It is comforting to be able to talk about my fears with peers who weren't trying to sell me anything. My TIGER 21 group is the only place where I can be completely open about my wealth and how I am investing it. The Members of my group truly care about one another and exchange feedback – but not judgment - on many personal and financial topics. I truly look forward to our monthly meetings.

- Entrepreneur
Risk Management

Identify and reduce portfolio risk to preserve wealth

The portfolio defense process has forced me to develop my own investment approach to the point where I have a long-term written investment policy, which guides all of my investment activity. Having a plan I am comfortable with has simplified an area of my life where I was wasting a huge amount of time dealing with uncertainty and complexity. It's very helpful to have frank discussions about investments, advisors and other issues with a group of people you know well who are smart, have your best interest at heart but have no financial stake in what you decide. I find that I often learn the most from hearing about mistakes others have made -- we are all very comfortable telling the group what we did wrong and why.

- Retired Hedge Fund Manager

Meet innovative asset managers, share strategies and deal fow, and access favorable investments

I told myself in joining that if TIGER 21 could provide me with one investment insight a year, it would pay for itself. I'm already years ahead. This has become the place for me to exchange moneymaking ideas. Our group meetings have an atmosphere of openness and camaraderie, very conducive to honest analysis and revealing dialogue. Members inject their unique experiences and expertise into each discussion. Their idea generation and analytical firepower is impressive.

- Investment Manager and Private Investor

Integrate timely opportunities in estate planning and philanthropy into a long-term plan

The Members of my group genuinely like and trust one another. As a result, we feel very comfortable sharing sensitive information and discussing our personal dilemmas. I have also received some very caring and insightful advice from other Members regarding my family dynamics and estate planning questions that I simply would never have received from a paid 'wealth advisor.

- Entrepreneur and Private Investor