By now you’ve heard the numbers:
    • 30,000 people are still in shelters
    • 90,000 homes have been destroyed
    • $190 billion in damage
The images of destruction and heartbreak left by Hurricane Harvey touch all of us. 
As Rick Gornto, Tiger 21’s Houston Chair puts it, “Freeways are still flooded and neighborhoods are still under water. The worst part for some areas isn’t even over yet. We as Houston Tiger 21 Members are discussing how to do everything in our power to support our community.”
At Tiger 21 giving back is part of who we are. The need for aid is enormous, and will be in the days, weeks, and months to come. Many Tiger 21 Members around the country have asked how they can help. 
If you’d like to give a donation, our Houston chapter suggests these three charities which have people on the ground helping now: 

 J.J. Watt's Houston Flood Relief Fund 

 Houston Recovers

The Red Cross 

Thank you for supporting our friends in Houston—together we can all make a difference.–-how-you-can-help


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