TIGER 21 (The Investment Group for Enhanced Results in the 21st Century) provides Members with a close-knit network to discuss topics that matter most. It's like having your own personal board of directors made up of visionaries, executives, entrepreneurs, and investors; the best minds and resources in the world.

Our 600+ Members are from every industry, and collectively manage more than $50 billion in personal assets. Our mission is to help Members improve their investment acumen, tackle common issues of wealth preservation, manage family-related challenges, and understand everything from estate planning options, to philanthropic endeavors.

Life-Long Learning

TIGER 21 is a unique and engaged community of involved leaders dedicated to unlocking the transformative value of their wealth. Our Members join TIGER 21 because they recognize that formidable business skills do not always translate into the successful management of assets or personal happiness. TIGER 21 Members seek to acquire a very different skill set: the ability to be a disciplined investor, to enhance their wealth, and to achieve personal goals beyond investing.

Broad Experience and Unique Points of View

The TIGER 21 community is diverse in terms of age, prior business experience, and net worth. Our Members include entrepreneurs who have created, built, and sold their own businesses. Others are Wall Street executives, CEOs of major companies, and real estate investors. All have been successful in their chosen fields and have a minimum of $10 million in assets to invest. Some find value in TIGER 21 while continuing to immerse themselves in their work life, while others have exited their careers and are managing their wealth full-time.

A Vibrant, Dynamic Community

Founded in 1999 by an entrepreneur seeking objective advice regarding the management of his wealth following a major liquidity event, TIGER 21 now has groups in over 30 cities. We continue to expand our presence globally to meet the growing needs of high-net-worth investors worldwide for candid, impartial peer engagement.

If you are interested in learning more about TIGER 21, please complete the contact form and you will receive a copy of our most recent Asset Allocation Report.