Senior Vice President – North America East Region
Remote - within the assigned Region


The Senior Vice President – North America East Region will have the opportunity to enhance and expand TIGER 21’s presence throughout their assigned area. With a current base of 40 Groups located in 17 markets, the region is now ready for the next phase of its evolution—further expanding the TIGER 21 network in approximately eight additional markets and
deepening our presence in our current markets, while nurturing and developing a thriving Chair community within the region.

This will be accomplished through two main areas of focus:

  1. Acting as the primary point person for the TIGER 21 Chair community in the North America region. At TIGER 21, we charge Chairs with the task of “Conducting Greatness” in their Groups. The SVP – North America East will work closely with Chairs to ensure they are well situated to curate close-knit Groups, deliver exceptional Meeting experiences month after month, and solve any challenges that present themselves along this journey. As well as fostering high levels of Chair engagement, the SVP – North America East will also be responsible for helping Chairs succeed through Chair
    assessments based on both qualitative observations as well as quantitative metrics, such as growing Groups to 15 after 18 months and retaining 82% or more of Members annually.
  2. Growing the TIGER 21 Member network in the North America East Region. The SVP – North America East will head up the recruiting, selecting, and onboarding of additional TIGER 21 Chairs in their region, with support from the Field Operations team. Additionally, the SVP – North America East will also work closely with Chairs as they develop a pipeline of qualified Member candidates, with support from the Member Development team.

The SVP North America East will be supported by other members of the Field Operations team, as well as additional TIGER 21 staff members, including the Member Development and Member Experience teams. Successful candidates will have the experience and presence to
leverage assistance from stakeholders within TIGER 21, as well as build relationships within the Chair and Member communities, with the goals of 1) helping Chairs and other TIGER 21 staff deliver an outstanding Member experience, as defined by strong Member retention, and 2) supporting Chairs in growing the TIGER 21 network in the region, through the onboarding of qualified Members.

Main Responsibilities:

  1. With COO, develop a plan to optimize the opportunity for TIGER 21 in North America East.
  2. Identify, recruit, and, with support from the Global Field Operations team, train Chairs in agreed-upon Region markets.
  3. With Global Field Operations and Member Development, support Chairs in identifying and onboarding approved Member candidates in line with agreed-upon plan.
  4. Engage with the Member Experience team to deliver effective events for Members and Chairs, for the purposes of both recruitment and enhancing the Member experience.
  5. Provide management oversight and support for existing and future North America East Field Operations, which will include frequent communication with and between Members and Chairs to clarify and resolve issues and ensure community standards.
  6. Foster Chair engagement in the North America East region to optimize Group cohesiveness and monthly Meeting experiences.
  7. Provide local support and oversight for North American East Member Development Director(s), Chair Support Specialist(s), Member Experience Advisor(s), and any other staff, whether direct reports or matrixed.
  8. Engage with TIGER 21 HR and Finance departments to assure compliance with various regulatory, reporting, and other administrative requirements.


  • Bachelor’s Degree; an MBA or relevant master’s degree is a plus
  • Successful experience in a related field

About TIGER 21

TIGER 21 is the premier international peer membership organization for high-net-worth wealth creators and preservers. Our programs are designed to help Members navigate the challenges and opportunities that come with extraordinary success.

TIGER 21 membership is focused around two central Member experiences – our intimate monthly full day Group meetings, where 12-15 Members engage with one another to explore issues of wealth preservation and challenges and opportunities created by the achievement of great success. Members explore how success impacts a family’s philanthropy and relationships. Industry leading experts are tapped for part of each meeting– while our network-building among peers encourages relationship building across the entire TIGER 21 community.

TIGER 21’s 1,000+ Members make up the largest global network of ultra high-net-worth wealth creators. The organization’s growth rate fluctuates between 10 and 20 percent per year.

Members come from a variety of backgrounds, including entrepreneurs from Main Street to Wall Street, top CEOs, and multi- generational wealth preservers who carry the responsibility of leading their family’s wealth preservation activities. The majority of TIGER 21 Members are first-generation wealth creators, and many are still actively engaged in entrepreneurial ventures.

Membership is by invitation only. Requirements for membership include demonstrated wealth in excess of $10 million in investable assets. Members, in the aggregate, manage over $70 billion of personal wealth, plus a subset of Members continue to manage an additional $65 billion of capital through investment partnerships they lead for others, creating a combined “footprint” in excess of $135 billion. Members are extensively screened to ensure that all Members are of high integrity and have enjoyed the requisite levels of success.

Founded in 1999, TIGER 21 is headquartered in New York City and has a staff of more than 40 with team members based throughout the U.S and Europe. There are currently 70+ Groups (each comprised of 12-15 Members) in 40+ markets throughout North America, the United Kingdom, and Switzerland.

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TIGER 21 strives to help Members fulfill their goals of transitioning from wealth creation, to wealth preservation, and in so doing we help our Members define “what’s next” in both their personal and professional lives.

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