Richard Nenno is a Managing Director and Trust Counsel with Wilmington Trust Company. Mr. Nenno is the author of “Delaware Law Offers Asset Protection and Estate Planning Benefits,” 26 Est. Plan. 3 (Jan. 1999); “Dynasty Trusts from the Client’s Perspective,” 33 U. Miami Inst. on Est. Plan. ¶ 1300 (1999); “The Benefits of Establishing a Private Foundation in Delaware,” 28 Est. Plan. 110 (March 2001) (with W. Donald Sparks, II); “Implementing Total Return Trust Statutes,” 36 U. Miami Inst. on Est. Plan. ¶ 1400 (2002); “The Domestic Asset Protection Trust Comes of Age,” 38 U. Miami Inst. on Est. Plan. ¶ 200 (2004); “Delaware Asset Protection Trusts: Avoiding Fraudulent Transfers and Attorney Liability,” 32 Est. Plan. 22 (Jan. 2005) (with John E. Sullivan, III); and “Delaware Dynasty Trusts, Total Return Trusts, and Asset Protection Trusts,” Asset Protection: Domestic & Int’l Law & Tactics Chap. 14A (2005). Mr. Nenno is a Member of the Delaware State Bar Association and past Chair of Estates and Trusts Section, and a Member of the Estate Planning Council of Delaware, Inc and Past President. He is also a Member of the Real Estate Property, Probate & Trust Law Section of American Bar Association as well as the Co-Chair of Non-Tax Issues Committee. Mr. Nenno received an A.B. from Princeton University and a J.D. from Harvard Law School.

Richard W. Nenno
Managing Director and Trust Counsel
Wilmington Trust

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