Monroe Meyerson entered the healthcare arena with a strong personal commitment to improving the care and treatment of dialysis patients. After just three years as co-founder and chairman of the Dialysis Centers of America, Mr. Meyerson saw his company grow from a single location to the largest kidney dialysis treatment organization in Chicago. It was at this point Mr. Meyerson co-founded RCOA, which he cultivates with the same principles and compassion for patients that made DCA a success. Prior to founding DCA, Mr. Meyerson was the chief executive officer and principal owner of Centrig, a national engineering and construction company. Mr. Meyerson is also co-founder of the Juvenile Diabetes Foundation, former director of the Whitney Art Museum, Young Presidents Organization, and Chief Executives Organization, a noted association of CEOs of major companies worldwide.

Monroe R. Meyerson
Radiology Corporation of America

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