Alan Marty is one of Legacy Venture's three Managing Partners. In this role, he helps shape the fund's strategy, manage its investments and tap the power of Venture Capital to help Legacy members amplify their positive impact in the world. Alan joined Legacy Venture in 2008, building on a long record of achievement in venture capital, business, education and government. Immediately prior to joining the Legacy team, Alan directed venture capital activities for NASA, engaging private entrepreneurs and investors to develop commercial launch vehicles to replace the Space Shuttle. Before joining NASA, he led JP Morgan Partners' venture investments in nanotechnology. "A lot of people assume that if you're focused on doing good works, you don't know a thing about finance. At the same time, a lot of people who do good works think that finance people don't care about anything besides money. Neither one is necessarily true," Alan said. "At Legacy Venture, we invest in the best and we're catalysts for change." An engineer by training, Alan brings a wealth of practical experience to his Legacy Venture decision-making. In addition to his work at NASA and JP Morgan, he taught Materials Science at Silliman University in the Philippines, served as a regional manager at Applied Materials, and led Hewlett-Packard's global integrated circuit business. Following the Agilent Technologies spin off from HP, Alan became General Manager of its consumer electronics microdisplay business. He also founded Pillar Vision, a company whose technology helps basketball and volleyball players improve their athletic performance. Alan's interest in business is matched by his commitment to public service. In addition to his tenure at Legacy Venture, he has served as a White House Fellow and was recently honored with NASA's Exceptional Public Service Medal. His philanthropic interests include strengthening teaching and curricula in math and science, Christian education, and alleviating poverty. "Working at Legacy Venture enables me to do what I do best: connecting people and ideas and resources to make a positive difference in the world," he said. Alan earned his bachelor's degree in Materials Science from Iowa State University. Later, at Stanford University, he earned an MBA and a Masters degree in Education, graduating at the top of his class.

Alan Marty
Managing Partner
Legacy Venture

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