Mr. Grau is a Founding Partner as well as the Investment Manager’s Chief Investment Officer and Chief Risk Officer. Throughout the course of his more than thirty-five-year career in financial services, Mr. Grau has been responsible for the configuration and management of some of the industry’s preeminent global macro trading and investment organizations, including the Goldman Sachs Global Macro Proprietary Trading Group, and predecessor entities at J. Aron & Co. In 1973, he joined J. Aron & Co. Four years later, he was charged with establishing and leading J. Aron’s Foreign Exchange Trading Group. In 1988, Mr. Grau was charged with establishing what would become Goldman Sachs’s Global Macro Proprietary Trading Group. Mr. Grau’s investing experience spans the major global financial markets over nearly three decades, particularly, foreign exchange, fixed-income, and commodities. Mr. Grau departed Goldman Sachs in 2011 after the firm decided to exit many proprietary investing businesses, including discretionary global macro, in anticipation of legal requirements mandated by the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act.

Bennett Grau
Founding Partner
Eaglevale Partners

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