As a Behavioral Strategist and the CEO of DNA Behavior International, Hugh travels the world helping leaders, advisors, entrepreneurs and investors, advisors “behavioralize money” when making key decisions. 

With over 60,000 hours of experience, Hugh has mentored millions of people, including the leaders of more than 2,500 businesses and 20,000 advisors in 123 countries ( His purpose is mentoring people to be Behaviorally SMART for achieving greater self-empowerment so they can unlock their human potential and Live with Meaning™. 

Hugh liberates people with a unique blend of personality and financial insights to make improved life, financial and business decisions. In particular, he guides them to be more self-aware, and not make emotional decisions under pressure, which sabotage relationships, businesses, and long-term goals. 

Since 2001, Hugh continues to lead the way globally with developing innovative behavioral analytics technology which powers solutions to help organizations “Know, Engage and Grow” every employee and client online. Hugh is also a sought after corporate strategist, mentor, financier, and board member for my unique ability to solve any problem using a unique blend of deep personality insights and extensive financial knowledge. 

Hugh pioneered the development of Financial DNA®, Business DNA®, and Communication DNA® the world’s first complete all-in-one behavioral analytics platform to provide a broad spectrum of validated personality insights which address financial planning, organizational development, leadership, relationship and a variety of life situations. 

Hugh enjoys golf, tennis, cricket, adventure travel, business innovation and history reading. 



Hugh Massie
DNA Behavior International

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