Jonathan is the Manager of Strategic Growth at Purpose Capital, Canada's leading impact investment advisory firm that mobilizes all forms of capital — financial, physical, human and social — to accelerate social progress. Jonathan's work revolves around driving investment and entrepreneurship to address once in a generation opportunities. He lead a global business coalition to determine how technology can unlock access to education for all on behalf of former UK Prime minister Gordon Brown, and is now designing an initiative for 1 million millennials to build high-impact companies over the next decade.

In 2015 Jonathan launched Nexus Canada, enabling Canada's youth to join a global movement of 3000+ next generation wealth holders, philanthropists, social entrepreneurs, and impact investors from over 70 countries uniting to catalyze new leadership and accelerate solutions to global problems.

Jonathan is also a serial social entrepreneur and advocate for entrepreneurship as a way of creating positive change. Although he is best known as the founder of a $8M fund for sustainability at McGill University, his most recent venture, Equipmind, deploys behavior change strategies to reduce energy consumption form equipment in the workplace. He has received national and international awards for his achievements in the fields of sustainability, youth and education, and has been a regular public speaker since 2008.

Jonathan Glencross
Manager of Strategic Growth
Purpose Capital

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