Daniel Malarkey has helped implement large-scale projects in infrastructure, technology, and energy in Washington for nearly thirty years. For Sightline Institute, where he is a Senior Fellow, Malarkey thinks and writes about the same topics with a view towards sustainability. He gets excited about self-driving electric cars and how they could transform Cascadia’s cities for the better if the region gets the policies right. 

Malarkey has had leadership positions at Amazon.com and with several local startups, including as CEO of his own biodiesel company. In the four years after the Great Recession, he worked as deputy of the state commerce department where he oversaw the energy office and scores of other programs to improve communities and human welfare. Malarkey took his undergraduate degree in economics from the University of Oregon and a graduate degree in public policy from the Harvard Kennedy School.


Daniel Malarkey
Senior Fellow
Sightline Institute

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