Charles Barlow is president of The Robotics Centre, a Canadian company bringing unmanned systems into service with large organisations around the world. 

Following his undergraduate at McGill University in Montreal, Charles was commissioned as an officer in the Canadian Forces and served in Hong Kong, Bosnia, Israel, and Afghanistan.  After 9/11, Charles led the Afghanistan Intelligence Response Team, Canada’s multi-departmental group responsible for the production of strategic intelligence related to the region.  He was then the Department of National Defence’s senior secondee to the Integrated Threat Assessment Centre at CSIS, and finally served with the United Nations in Beirut on the UN’s investigation into the murder of former Lebanese Prime Minister Rafiq Hariri. 

When The Robotics Centre was new, Charles personally flew drones for the US Drug Enforcement Agency in Central America, Western Special Forces in Libya, and for the King of Jordan.  He has brought unmanned systems onto off-shore oil rigs, into deep mines, onto the sands of Arabia, and into the jungle primeval. 

Charles Barlow
The Robotics Centre

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