Kirstin Broderick is Founder of NorthScale, a Corporate and Executive Performance Management firm with practices steeped in cognitive psychology and focus-based meditation. Kirstin has practiced Zen meditation for 20 years. She is a licensed therapist and has a Masters in Strategic Management & Economic Development from Harvard. She has worked with organizations from The World Bank, to fast-growing tech companies, VC firms, and even vegan food trucks.

Kirstin completed her first intensive three-day silent meditation training in rural Japan in 1998. In 2004 she became a student of Roshi Janet Jiryu Abels of Still Mind Zendo in NYC. She received Jukai – or Zen Ordination – in 2012, and was given the dharma name Daikatsu, translated as Great Liveliness, or Big Life.

Kirstin Broderick
Founder and CEO

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