Mike Stute

Chief Scientist, Masergy Communications

Mike Stute is Chief Scientist at Masergy Communications and is the chief architect of the Unified Enterprise Security network behavioral analysis system. As a data scientist, he is responsible for the research and development of deep analysis methods using machine learning, probability engines, and complex system analysis in big data environments. Mike has over 23 years experience in information systems security and has developed analysis systems in fields such as power generation, educational institutions, biotechnology, and electronic communication networks. He holds degrees in mathematics, computer science, molecular biology, and bioinformatics. Using knowledge from his work in the biology of neuroscience, he brings a distinct perspective to the fields of machine learning and artificial intelligence, specializing in computer simulation of biological cognitive function using bioinformatics. An expert in third generation neural networks, Mr. Stute studies methods to improve information security using machine learning, and eventually artificial intelligence. His understanding of the field of artificial intelligence gives him an extensive vision of future impacts on economics and society due to the introduction of intelligent machines. Mike is an industry thought leader and a frequent speaker on topics such as advanced security, machine learning, artificial intelligence and neural networks.

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