Shoya Zichy

President and Author - MoneyMind, Zichy and Associates

Ms. Zichy specializes in career coaching and seminars focusing on management development. Formerly, she had a 15-year career in journalism, marketing and sales at Institutional Investor, Citibank, Merrill Lynch and American Express, including an assignment in the Far East. She is the author of: Women and The Leadership Q and The Color Q: Four Paths to More Success in Life, Work and Relationships. Her proprietary personality profiling system has been introduced to over 3,000 people in 2001. Color Q is a personality toolkit that bridges the work of the Myers-Briggs with the temperament model of Dr. David Keirsey. Her research linking personality to risk tolerance and styles in financial planning is the cornerstone of Peter Tanous’ book The Wealth Equation and will be the subject of her upcoming book, MoneyMind. The system is currently being introduced to the investment community for use by investment advisors and 401(k) participants. Ms. Zichy holds an from Boston University.

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