TIGER 21 London is an exclusive global network for ultra-high-net-worth entrepreneurs and impact investors. As a Member, you’ll:

  • Join an established international community of peers who are also navigating wealth and success.
  • Access the collective intelligence of over 1200 Members worldwide, including the local London network.
  • Gather with fellow Members for leisure trips, conferences, and other in-person and virtual learning events.
  • Gain the unique and diverse perspectives of Members from a variety of backgrounds and expertise.

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Discover if TIGER 21 London is Right for You

  • Please see below for criteria for TIGER 21 Membership.
    • $20MM USD in Investable Assets*
    • Readiness to share
    • Willingness to learn
    • Commitment to not solicit
    • Commitment to attend monthly meetings

    *Please note that meeting the specific quantitative requirement of a minimum of $20MM USD in investable assets does not automatically guarantee admittance into TIGER 21. There are other important, less easily defined requirements that also need to be met. These are qualitative in nature and are at the discretion of TIGER 21 and the Chair of the Group

  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.

TIGER 21 established its European Groups in London in 2017, followed by Zurich in 2018.

Up next: Lisbon, as well as other international markets like Singapore and Tel Aviv.


Benefit from your own personal board of directors and discuss topics that are important to you: Through monthly Group meetings, Members explore relevant topics, including wealth preservation, raising children and family dynamics, philanthropic impact, and more.


Gain knowledge in new areas and meet peers going through similar phases of life: Group discussions are led by Chairs experienced in group facilitation, investing, and more. Members from the same region also meet up for Chapter activities and retreats.


Enjoy unlimited resources and insights: Members can engage with the global community from anywhere with T21 Connect, an exclusive app offering secure, real-time chats, resource sharing forums, and interest-based networking opportunities.

I learn every time I interact with TIGER 21 Members… It’s a combination of peer learning, having a group of trusted advisors, and connecting with unbelievable people to enhance our experiences in life.

Nick Bakish, TIGER 21 Member

Let’s Connect

Emily Dunbar

Emily Dunbar is the Managing Director of Europe at TIGER 21.  Located in London, she is responsible for the development and strategic expansion of TIGER 21’s European presence. Ms. Dunbar is creating an enhanced network for TIGER 21 Members in Europe and beyond.

Connect with Emily Dunbar here:
Email: emily.dunbar@tiger21.com
LinkedIn: Emily Dunbar