Success creates transformative opportunities – as well as new challenges and questions.

How do I make a real impact with my philanthropic contributions?

What’s the best way to structure a succession plan?

How do I ensure my children become productive contributors?

Am I investing the right way for my family’s future?

What’s the next mountain to climb? How do I leave a legacy?

How do I find purpose—and fun—in my life going forward?

Watch Nashville Chairs Elise Mitchell and Jeff Hays discuss the power of a personal board of advisors and her journey from Member to Chair.
Watch TIGER 21 Nashville Chairs Jeff Hays and Elise Mitchell discuss the Nashville Chapter’s growth.
Nashville Chair Jeff Hays discusses the impetus for launching TIGER 21 in Nashville in 2016 and what makes TIGER 21 unique and valuable, compared to other peer groups.
Nashville Chair Elise Mitchell discusses her endeavor to help her Members hone their stewardship skills, the experience of a TIGER 21 Meeting and the makeup of her Group.

TIGER 21 Nashville offers Members a confidential place to discuss, learn, and network as they navigate these issues of wealth and success through:

Local Monthly Group Meetings

with up to 15 peers who become trusted confidantes

Cutting-Edge Thought Leadership

through virtual and in-person conferences and events

Access to an Unparalleled Global Network

of wealth creators worldwide with deep collective intelligence

Nashville Connections and Chapter Activities

outside of Group meetings – dinner, trips, events with spouses and more

On this journey, there aren’t a lot of people that you really want to talk about your personal situation. To have this completely confidential Group where you can open up and get honest feedback is an unbelievable experience.

Nick Bakish

It’s like having your own personal board of directors — unbiased, thoughtful, accomplished individuals who give insight about how to think about running your own wealth and life.

Michelle Mayer

I never thought I’d find a group aligned with my core vision of trying to evolve, grow, preserve wealth, be a great human being, and raise great kids. TIGER 21 changed my life. It changed me as a person, and it changed the future of what it means to be a Dyrdek.

Rob Dyrdek

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