Tiger 21 President Plots 2010 Initiatives

December 11, 2009

by Kristen Oliveri

Tiger 21′s newly-appointed president Jonathan Kempner is working to build out the firm’s portfolio defense program as well as launch an asset allocation survey for its members. Kempner told PAM that he is hoping to create an environment where the wealthy can discuss investments without feeling pressured to make them.

The portfolio defense program is constructed so each member can present his entire asset allocation structure to peers and then engage in a long discussion about the merits of the choices and diversification. “How often do you get an unvarnished, candid scrutiny about something as important as your financial portfolio?” asked Kempner. The firm is going to expand this concept to include other topics like estate planning, charitable giving and philanthropy.

It is also looking to bolster its asset allocation survey by combining the information from the clients’ portfolio defense presentations and tallying the results to show a concise picture of the high-net-worth market and how these individuals are investing. “Then quarterly or monthly we’ll be able to show the movement and trends in the industry,” added Kempner.

Tiger 21, a New York-based peer networking group for HNW individuals and entrepreneurs, has roughly 140 members.


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