Life After Selling a Business

Learn how to manage new-found wealth and navigate the personal issues that can accompany extraordinary success.

  • What to Expect and What You Might Not Expect After Selling Your Business
  • Financial and Personal Implications
  • Shifting Personal Relationships
  • Loss of Identity & Community
  • Making a Graceful Post-Sale Transition
  • Defining a New Path, Meaning, and Focus

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Report Highlights

The Life After Selling a Business Insights Report includes Member insights that were compiled by TIGER 21. This report, containing qualitative and quantitative market data, is based on the journeys of our extraordinary Members who have shared the personal challenges they have faced after selling their business and how they overcame them. 

About TIGER 21

TIGER 21 is the premier resource for thought leadership aimed at helping high-net-worth individuals navigate the challenges and opportunities that success creates. Membership is a safe space to share personal insights, explore new investments, shape positive family dynamics, and discuss impactful philanthropy initiatives with other extraordinarily successful individuals. Groups, the foundation of membership, encompass Members who are hands-on and want to take a front seat on the unique journey of wealth and legacy preservation for themselves and one another.