An Extraordinary Community Requires Extraordinary Leaders

TIGER 21 Chairs are at the heart of what TIGER 21 does—enabling our Members to build on their success to create a life of meaning and impact.

Chairs lead Groups of 12-15 UHNW individuals navigating the complexities and opportunities that wealth brings. Each monthly Meeting, Chairs facilitate discussions on improving investment acumen, issues of wealth preservation, estate planning, and more.

Using their skills as leaders and connectors, Chairs also guide Members in exploring the full benefits of the TIGER 21 Member experience, including the opportunity to learn, access, and connect with fellow Members.

A Unique and Rare Combination of Qualities

TIGER 21 Chairs are proven leaders with real-world experience, sharp business acumen, and well-honed investment savvy, coupled with a strong ability to manage Group dynamics. Many Chairs qualify for TIGER 21 Membership but choose this path to serve and impact others.

Your role as a TIGER 21 Chair will call on you to leverage all these qualities as you guide our ultra-high-net-worth Members in uncovering fresh insights, engaging with stimulating new ideas, and creating new opportunities with the power of the TIGER 21 community behind them.

A Meaningful and
Rewarding Opportunity

Our Chairs are the heart of TIGER 21, and their leadership defines the core Membership experience. Chairs are gifted facilitators and independent contractors with complete control over their schedules.
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As a TIGER 21 Chair, you’ll enjoy:
  • The opportunity to enhance your own investment and financial expertise as you learn alongside Members.
  • Membership in an elite community of accomplished and successful leaders, many of whom may become part of your own network.
  • A sense of pride and accomplishment from playing a key role in improving the well-being and lives of TIGER 21 Members.
  • The prestige that comes from alignment with the most exclusive brand in the peer group learning sector.

What I love about chairing is I get to meet and work with incredibly smart people—some of the most successful people in the world—and I really enjoy interacting with them.

Lorine Pendleton
TIGER 21 Chair – New York City

A large part of my contribution is to create a conducive environment for discussions in which Members have a chance to feel really listened to, get vulnerable, and share their thoughts, their dreams, their goals and their challenges with each other. Through that process, they inspire each other.

Michael Warszawski
TIGER 21 Chair – New York City 

Camaraderie with trusted Members and a place to openly gain and share knowledge and experiences is what TIGER 21 is all about. Members leave Meetings with increased clarity on how to navigate family, business and wealth with confidence.

Elizabeth Ledoux
TIGER 21 Chair – Denver

TIGER 21 Chair Qualifications

20+ years as an accomplished, investment-minded business leader, entrepreneur, or investor.

Experience leading high-performing teams and facilitating group meetings.

The ability to confidently navigate issues impacting ultra-high-net-worth individuals and their families.

The availability, strong network, and drive to work with TIGER 21 on building and developing a Group.

The experience and gravitas to lead a Group of 15 highly successful wealth creators.

A commitment to TIGER 21’s learning community and its core principles, including confidentiality.

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a TIGER 21 Chair

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