TIGER 21 Chairs are proven leaders who have the rare combination of experience and knowledge of group dynamics, business and investment acumen. These capabilities coupled with the insight and experience of working with high-net-worth individuals helps produce stimulating new ideas and opportunities for Members.

Want to expand beyond your already broad horizons by leading some of the most interesting and successful wealth creators?

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20+ years as an accomplished business leader, entrepreneur, or investor.
A high degree of investment acumen at a level to effectively engage with high-net-worth individuals in discussions entailing general investment terms, concepts, and strategies.
Be experienced in leading a high-performing team.
Have the availability, network, and drive to work with TIGER 21 on developing and building a Group.
Have the experience and gravitas to lead, listen, develop, and facilitate Group Meetings with 15 highly successful wealth creators.
Be knowledgeable of and familiar with the issues and challenges facing and impacting high-net-worth individuals and their families.
Have achieved great success and now focused on significance.


I have found terrific new friends who will drop anything to help me out (and viceversa) with the best peer advice on all the most important family, life, business and investment decisions.

Co-Founder and CEO of iVillage
Acquired by NBC in 2006

Our experience at TIGER 21 has been exceptional. The value of being in a room with highly accomplished peers whom you respect cannot be overstated.

Co-Founders of Aptara
Acquired by AIM listed iEnergizer in 2012

The value for me resides in the fact that I can share information about existing and prospective business deals confidentially and then receive unbiased and informed feedback. TIGER 21 is my informal board of advisors.

Founder of an International Real Estate Firm
New York, NY

When I was expanding my business, I needed an inner circle who I could talk to about my professional, philanthropic, and personal decisions. Having explored other organizations, they did not offer what I was looking for. As a Member of TIGER 21, I now have that inner circle of trustworthy people who I can totally rely on.

Shravan Parsi
Co-CEO NAPA Ventures LLC

Being pushed and challenged by peers with a broad range of experience across sectors helps
you think outside the lines. The camaraderie amongst Members with a common desire to
succeed across all aspects of life, makes TIGER 21 a transformational experience.

Camilo Miguel
CEO and Founder of Mast Capital

The benefits of being a TIGER 21 Chair are numerous.

The benefits of being a TIGER 21 Chair are numerous. Chairs are independent contractors, and have the ability to earn a six-figure income from building and leading a Group (typically one week per month). Many Chairs lead multiple Groups.

Other benefits include:
The opportunity to enhance and expand your own investment and financial expertise.
Personal satisfaction and sense of accomplishment being a key part of improving the well-being and lives of TIGER 21 Members.
Alignment with the most exclusive brand in the peer group learning sector.
Becoming part of an elite Chair community comprised of interesting and successful leaders.

How to Become a Chair

Submit an Expression of Interest in Becoming a Chair

Complete a chair inquiry form.

Introductory Conversations

If appropriate a representative from TIGER 21 will contact you to conduct initial interviews.

Peer Chair Meeting

Learn first-hand from a TIGER 21 Chair what leading a Group is all about.

Background Check

Pass a comprehensive background check.

Final Meeting with TIGER 21

The COO will typically conduct a final meeting in the local market to allow you and TIGER 21 to mutually determine if being a TIGER 21 Chair is a good fit.

  • 1 Submit an Expression of Interest in Becoming a Chair
  • 2 Introductory Conversations
  • 3 Peer Chair Meeting
  • 4 Background Check
  • 5 Final Meeting with TIGER 21

If you are interested in learning more about becoming a TIGER 21 Chair, please complete the contact form.

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