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TIGER 21 is an exclusive global community of ultra-high-net-worth entrepreneurs, investors, and executives.

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TIGER 21 Members are part of a trusted, confidential community that enables ultra-high-net-worth individuals to learn from each other to navigate the issues and opportunities that stem from success.

Whether it’s your local Group, a family office Group, or a virtual Group, TIGER 21 provides you with a personal board of directors for candid discussions around wealth creation and preservation, family, legacy and philanthropy.

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The Power of
Collective Intelligence

The strength of TIGER 21 rests on the quality of our Members. Membership is by invitation, following a qualification process that allows us to cultivate a community of integrity—peers committed and qualified to explore topics that matter to them.

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A global network wherever you invest, travel, work, and play.

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Now that you’ve earned financial freedom, what are you doing to preserve it? How will you leverage it to create lasting impact? What will your legacy be? Explore these issues—and any others that matter to you—within a Group of trusted peers and with our deep network of international wealth creators. You’ll gain the knowledge, resources, and objective insights you need to navigate your next steps with confidence and clarity.

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I never thought I’d find a group aligned with my core vision of trying to evolve, grow, preserve wealth, be a great human being, and raise great kids. TIGER 21 changed my life. It changed me as a person, and it changed the future of what it means to be a Dyrdek.

Rob Dyrdek

On this journey, there aren’t a lot of people that you really want to talk about your personal situation. To have this completely confidential Group where you can open up and get honest feedback is an unbelievable experience.

Nick Bakish

Our Group is very diverse. With that comes different perspectives on life and different connections for people. When you have an issue, people either know the go-to person or have experienced that problem in the past.

Pedram Hendizadeh

For me, TIGER 21 has been a place to recreate friendships that I lost while growing my career. I was looking for more friendships, more camaraderie, more groups of people to do like-minded things with. TIGER 21 has provided that for me in spades.

Brian Rosen

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