Ensuring the Integrity and Quality of Our Network

The 5Cs of Membership

Cultivating our unique community requires an unrelenting commitment to the quality and integrity of our global network. That’s why all prospective Members are vetted through the lens of the 5Cs of Membership:


Only those of the highest ethics and integrity are invited to TIGER 21. All candidates undergo extensive background checks and interviews.


Members must have the knowledge, experience, and curiosity to occupy a seat at the table and add to the community’s collective intelligence.


Members must be able to commit their time to monthly Meeting participation and TIGER 21 community engagement.


Members must be willing to embrace the core pillars of TIGER 21:

  • Confidentiality, which covers all aspects of Membership.
  • Non-Solicitation, which fosters genuine learning and ensures objectivity.
  • Participation, which ensures an insight-driven, engaged community.
  • Transparency, which minimizes potential conflicts of interest.


All of our ultra-high-net-worth Members must meet a minimum investable asset requirement to qualify.

Join a Powerful Global Network

As a Member of TIGER 21’s global network of wealth creators and preservers, you’ll have the opportunity to learn from community Members and thought leaders, access one-of-a-kind experiences, and connect with Members across the globe.
See More About the Member Experience

Your monthly Group Meeting with 12-15 trusted peers

T21 Connect Networks, our specialty Member interest groups

Exclusive TIGER 21 signature events around the world

The T21 Connect App, with 24/7 access to the global community

Virtual networking sessions,
 roundtables, and learning sessions

Member-only services and offerings available in areas like insurance, financial services, and hospitality

Our Group is very diverse. With that comes different perspectives on life and different connections for people. When you have an issue, people either know the go-to person or have experienced that problem in the past.

Pedram Hendizadeh

The people around the table are really asset advisors, non-paid board members. More important to me, you get this group of friends to support you in whatever you’re doing—family, business or philanthropy. That is well worth the price of admission.

Brian Rosen

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Toward Membership

If you’re ready to learn more about joining the TIGER 21 global community, talk to one of our Membership Development Directors about whether TIGER 21 is right for you. Tell us a bit about yourself, and we’ll be in touch.

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