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No one prepares you for the transformative challenges and opportunities that wealth creates. Join TIGER 21 and garner the benefits of having your own personal board of directors, powered by the collective intelligence of exceptionally successful wealth creators in a confidential setting.


  • Premier global network of 1,100+ wealth creators and lifelong learners
  • Safe place to talk about your wealth
  • “No selling” environment
  • Personal board of directors with no agenda but yours

“TIGER 21 has truly changed my life. It changed me as a person. It changed the future of what it means to be a Dyrdek.” 

– ROB DYRDEK, Founder & CEO at Dyrdek Machine

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The Experience 

CANDID AND INVALUABLE MONTHLY GROUP MEETINGS with up to 15 peers who are trusted confidantes

Members gain insight into their investments and finances
and build action plans to maximize wealth preservation 

of more than 1100+ Members worldwide

CUTTING-EDGE THOUGHT LEADERSHIP and world-class expert speaker events

ENGAGING CONFERENCES for Members and their families to connect and learn from global thought leaders

Member Requirements | The 5 C’s of Membership

  • CHARACTER: Members must be of the highest ethics and integrity
  • CONTRIBUTION: Members must have skills, knowledge, experience, and curiosity to occupy a seat at the table, adding to the collective intelligence of the Group and the Community
  • CAPACITY: Members must commit to Meeting participation and community engagement
  • CONDITIONS: Members must be willing to embrace the core pillars of Confidentiality, Non-Solicitation, Participation, and Transparency
  • CAPITAL: Members must have verifiable Investable Assets of at least $20M

Pro athletes are the best of the best in sports. TIGER 21 Members are the best of the best in their fields. We’re building an engaged global community to make each Member’s success more meaningful, impactful, and enduring. Inquire to learn more.

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