TIGER 21 is a peer learning community that takes on topics that matter most to our Members. Fellow visionaries, entrepreneurs, investors, and executives from an array of industries comprise each Members’ personal peer Group. Our network of Members effectively serve as legacy planning partners who help each other improve their investment acumen, tackle common issues of wealth preservation, manage family-related challenges, understand estate planning options, and share ideas on philanthropic endeavors.

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TIGER 21 was founded in 1999 by an entrepreneur seeking objective advice regarding the management of his wealth following a major liquidity event.

Michael W. Sonnenfeldt started TIGER 21 with a single Group of six entrepreneurs in New York City who had all just sold their businesses and felt challenged as to how to wisely preserve their wealth. As TIGER 21 evolved, it became clear that issues of relevance, legacy, family, philanthropy, and what to do next weighed heavily on their minds. They found that sharing and learning from each other helped them to navigate the issues that accompanied their success.


We’re building an engaged global community to make each Member’s success more meaningful, impactful, and enduring.

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Obtaining wealth is hard, preserving wealth is harder. If you want to be a successful steward of your wealth and develop a path for a life well lived for you and your family, consider joining us.

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