Jerry Swank founded The Swank Group in 2001. The group currently manages 4 strategies across 6 different hedge funds. Both of our investment advisors are SEC registered. The funds are as follows: A domestic MLP Hedge Fund, a domestic Royalty Trust Hedge Fund, an offshore MLP Hedge Fund, an offshore Royalty Trust Hedge Fund, a domestic Global Resource Hedge Fund as well as the recently launched MLP Convergence Market Hedge Fund. Mr. Swank originally formed the firm to capitalize on the MLP and Royalty Trust sectors both of which were under followed by wall street and under owned by institutions. The goal was to bring a high quality proprietary research effort to these asset classes to take advantage of the market inefficiencies. Mr. Swank has built a 6 person investment team focusing on the 5 funds as well as an additional risk manager, COO and investor relations person. Prior to forming the firm, Mr. Swank spent five years with John S. Herold, Inc (JSH). JSH is a 50 year old independent Oil & Gas research and consulting company. He joined Herold in 1995 and served as Managing Director heading up its sales and new product development team until May 1998 when he assumed the position of President and CEO. During this period Mr. Swank developed an in-depth knowledge of the Worldwide Energy Industry, Sector profitability, Global growth prospects and Supply/Demand dynamics. During his Herold tenure Mr. Swank made numerous oil and investment industry speeches and presentations both domestically and in Europe and South America. Prior to joining Herold, Mr. Swank spent 14 years with CS First Boston in Institutional Equity and Fixed Income Sales in its Dallas office; during the last ten years he was a First Boston Director and Southwestern Regional Sales Manager. Prior to First Boston, Mr. Swank worked for seven years on the buy side as an analyst and portfolio manager. Mr. Swank holds a B.A. from the University of Missouri (Economics) and an M.B.A. from the University of North Texas. Mr. Swank has served on the Board of Directors of John S. Herold Inc., Matador Petroleum and Advantage Acceptance Inc. Given the hybrid (equity/fixed income) nature of MLP sector and the energy component for the Royalty Trusts, Mr. Swank’s deep experience in these markets as well as his expertise in the Energy sector make him uniquely qualified to oversee the investment team managing the 3 strategies. Mr. Swank has personally invested in all of the Firms funds and in the MLP sector for many years while advising private clients with substantial assets in these equities since early 2000.

Jerry Swank
Swank Capital, LLC

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