Launched in 2011

About the Location 

TIGER 21's international expansion into Canada began in April of 2011, with the launch of the TIGER 21 Vancouver Group. The Vancouver Group is currently led by Co-Chairs Ben Slager and Roxana Colquhoun.  Thane Stenner is Chairman Emeritus and Founding Member of TIGER 21 Canada.

The Chairs

Ben Slager
Ben Slager, Co-Chair of the Vancouver TIGER 21 Group, is a business lawyer with nearly 15 years’ experience representing clients on M&A, private equity and venture capital transactions, and a...
Roxana Colquhoun
Roxana is a Certified Management Accountant and the co-Founder of HNW Services Inc., an organization providing support to high and ultra-high net-worth families who wish to outsource their “family...