Singapore and Dubai: Global Magnets | TIGER 21 Founder Insights in Henley & Partners USA Wealth Report 

In celebrating its 25th anniversary, TIGER 21 launched its  Singapore Group, its first in the Asia Pacific region, marking another significant milestone. In follow-up to Founder and Chairman Michael W. Sonnenfeldt attending the Group Meeting, he offered insights into why Singapore and Dubai have become global magnets for the world’s wealthy in his recent article published in Henley & Partners’ 2024 USA Wealth Report. 

Michael shares Singapore’s appeal in its ability to address concerns commonly shared among the ultra-wealthy, such as legacy, health, and asset preservation, while coming from diverse backgrounds. The city-state stands out for its spectacular development and strategic role in the global economy, especially as wealth transfer becomes a critical focus for the next two decades. 

Dubai shares similar attractions, with both cities offering a high quality of life, safety, clean environments, and efficient governance. These factors draw entrepreneurs, investors, and fund managers globally, thanks to a pro-business climate that remains largely apolitical. 

Michael’s experience at the meeting of TIGER 21’s Singapore Group prompted a deeper reflection on both cities’ development. From an American viewpoint, he finds the quality of life in Singapore and Dubai particularly striking, given the comparative issues faced by U.S. cities. 

Looking forward, Michael discusses TIGER 21’s expectations to expand into Dubai soon, underscoring the critical role of Singapore and Dubai as global financial hubs. 

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