We have been hearing so many stories of how Members are rallying to help those in need during this crisis. From food bank relief efforts in New York City to providing wellness support to frontline healthcare workers in Minnesota, it’s inspiring to see the TIGER 21 community paying it forward to support our local communities.

Philanthropy is an integral part of many Members’ lives and, at our upcoming @Home Summit: New World Opportunities on May 20-21, we would like to honor all of those who are giving so much during this pandemic.

Take a moment and send a quick video of your COVID-19 philanthropic efforts. We’ll be showcasing your stories throughout the virtual summit.

A few guidelines:

  1.  Make it short (keep your video under 1 minute).
  2. Make it easy (cell phone videos are fine). Please turn your phone to landscape while filming, and as best as you can, pick a spot that has ample light.
  3. Make it real (show us your efforts in action if you can). For example, if you’re collecting perishables for a food bank, show that collecting, in progress.

Below is a rough script as a suggestion for you to follow:

Hi, my name is __________. I saw a need to help [people/group you are assisting] during these times, so have been [actions you have been taking]. Because of this, we have seen/experienced [this result]. It’s been incredibly rewarding because [talk about what it means to make an impact].”

SUBMISSION DUE DATE: Please upload your photos or videos no later than Wednesday, May 13th. While we may not be able to showcase every submission, we will do our best to share as many stories as time allows at the @Home Summit.”

We look forward to seeing your stories of giving back.