What is TIGER 21’s Membership profile?

TIGER 21 Members are current and former entrepreneurs, investors and top executives. They are individuals seeking and sharing candid, impartial guidance from peers who share the same pursuit and understanding of their worlds and accompanying challenges.

What investment research does TIGER 21 produce for Members?

TIGER 21 does not provide investment advice or recommendations to buy or sell securities, to hire any investment adviser or to pursue any investment or trading strategy. However, TIGER 21 produces a quarterly Asset Allocation Report that is designed to measure the aggregate asset allocation exposures of its Members based upon their Portfolio Defense presentations. On occasion, TIGER 21 also reports on findings from Member surveys on various investment topics and macro trends.

What is TIGER 21?

TIGER 21 is the premier peer advisory organization for high-net-worth entrepreneurs, investors, and executives. Our network of wealth creators and preservers help each other navigate the challenges and opportunities that success creates.  The TIGER 21 experience centers on learning about and reflecting upon issues pertaining to investing, life, and family. Central to this are TIGER 21 Group Meetings, with 12-15 Members meeting once per month led by a Chair who is an accomplished professional and experienced facilitator. TIGER 21 leads with a unique approach to wealth preservation that focuses on leveraging collective wisdom and engaging Members in an extraordinary community to enhance their personal and professional lives.

Why was TIGER 21 formed?

TIGER 21 was founded in 1999 by an entrepreneur seeking objective advice regarding the management of his wealth following a major liquidity event.  

Michael W. Sonnenfeldt started TIGER 21 with a single Group of six entrepreneurs in New York City who had all just sold their businesses and felt challenged as to how to wisely preserve their wealth. As TIGER 21 evolved, it became clear that issues of relevance, legacy, family, philanthropy, and what to do next weighed heavily on their minds. They found that sharing and learning from each other helped them to navigate the issues that accompanied their success.