The Fanatical Change Foundation is a 501(c)(3) charitable organization that restores the intimacy in charitable giving by identifying recent victims of life-altering tragedy and letting the power behind their individual stories of suffering inspire our donors to be the change they wish to see in the world. Like most Houstonians, Steven Kaufman was intensely moved by the widespread devastation that Hurricane Ike sprayed across Houston in 2008. Kaufman and friend Juan Cuevas set out to come up with a way to raise money, give ALL OF IT to families who suffered a tragedy, and show the donors a video of the gift delivery so they could see how their money made a difference.

SEED is the nation's first and only network of public, college-preparatory boarding schools designed for students who need - and deserve - a 24-hour learning environment to achieve their full potential. With the gift of time, SEED has built a community of support that empowers students to own their educational journeys and succeed in college and beyond. From their senior year through their college graduation, every SEED student/graduate has a staff member dedicated to their success thanks to SEED's College Transition & Success program. The 900 students SEED serves in D.C., Maryland, and Miami in grades 6 - 12 - and the 380+ graduates across the country - prove every day that ALL students can achieve success at the highest levels and realize their dreams.

Rainbow Housing Assistance Corporation provides service-enriched programs for low and moderate income rental housing residents. Rainbow offers services that build community and promote self-sufficiency by fostering tenants’ economic and social opportunities. Programs include: GED, fiscal responsibility classes, children’s summer lunch programs, after school child care, single mother abuse/support programs, computer learning classes, ESL classes, adolescent counselling programs and “Street Olympics”. Rainbow also develops partnerships, including with YMCA, YWCA, Boy Scouts, Planned Parenthood, Dress for Success, Salvation Army and Meals on Wheels. With further benefits of reduced crime, vandalism and tenant turnover, Rainbow helps build rich, enabling communities while enhancing long-term value of assets.
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Regent Park School of Music is a non-profit community music school that gives as many kids as possible a music education, by removing the financial obstacle. This year, they are set to give 1,300 young people aged 3-18 a highly subsidized quality music education at their central hub in Daniels Spectrum in Regent Park and in satellite locations in Jane and Finch, Parkdale, Scarborough and other high-priority neighbourhoods in Toronto. Regent Park School of Music gives their students access to over 80 dedicated music teachers and an array of musical options and instruments. Their students study everything from classical piano and violin to turntablism and electronic music and perform all over the city.

The Demby Family Scholarship Fund supports a motivated student in financial need through their college degree. The Demby Family Scholarship Fund helps students who do not have the means to earn a college degree without financial assistance. In conjunction with Ramapo College of New Jersey, the fund emphasizes depth of need in the belief that deprivation and poverty should not prevent a dedicated student from gaining a degree. Providing full tuition, room and board, a laptop and college bookstore credit, the initially one-year scholarship is renewable annually for 3 years depending upon good academic and social standing. Dr. and Mrs. Demby generously volunteer their mentorship.      

Education For Employment (EFE) The leading youth employment network in the Middle East and North Africa, EFE helps young women and men develop their professional skills, build social capital, and engage in their communities. Creating job opportunities for unemployed youth, EFE provides market demand-driven skills training leading directly to jobs, startup support and pathways to employment. Since 2006, EFE has helped over 10,000 youth secure their first job, and over half of EFE’s graduates are young women. EFE has locally-run affiliates in Egypt, Jordan, Morocco, Palestine, Tunisia, Saudi Arabia and Yemen, with support hubs in the USA, Spain and the UAE. Video       

Invest in Girls (IIG) teaches high school girls financial concepts, exposes them to professional women role models, and introduces them to financial services companies and career paths in finance to empower them to become tomorrow’s leaders. IIG was founded in 2010 by a group of women passionate about narrowing the gender gap in Financial Services leaders. IIG’s curriculum focuses on teaching girls in grades 10, 11 and 12, personal financial management, investments and philanthropic giving. IIG believes that building strong financial foundations for girls encourages stewardship in the next generation of leaders in the world of personal and professional financial management.       

Run for Teachers is a charity 5K run in honor of Tracey Lurie-Sklar, who was a teacher and the sister of a TIGER 21 member. Held annually in San Francisco since 2009, Run for Teachers has helped hundreds of children from the poorest parts of India get an early education and the opportunity for a better life. Celebrating the memory of an inspiring educator, Run for Teachers brings runners, walkers and supporters together in aid of Building Blocks India and the India School Fund. Both Indian non-profits are aimed at raising the educational standards of underprivileged children, especially in rural areas.      

Shatterproof is committed to helping parents protect their children from addiction to illicit and prescription drugs, and alcohol. Founded by HEI Hotels & Resorts founder, Gary Mendell, after losing his son, Brian, to an addiction-related suicide, Shatterproof works towards ending the stigma and suffering of those affected by this disease. Shatterproof supports changes to legislation and the development of effective, evidence-based prevention, treatment and recovery programs, significantly reducing the number of new addictions, the number who die, and the costs to our society. Shatterproof educates, empowers and equips parents, families, educators, health care providers, legislators, and others to address addiction.

Steve’s Camp at Horizon Farms (SCHF) takes a coordinated and holistic approach. SCHF empowers young leaders to develop healthy bodies, hearts, and minds that graduate high school equipped with the skills to lead fulfilling lives and prepared to create a healthier world. Nurturing the close relationship between physical, mental and social wellbeing, SCHF programs offer a safe haven, a second home, an escape, and a promise of a better future to some of NYC’s most vulnerable young people. SCHF programs range from acquiring communications skills to developing healthy eating habits to supporting academic progress, all aimed at increasing positive outcomes and thriving in teens. 

Teens in Public Service (TIPS) offers young people aged 15-19 rewarding and life-changing work in the form of paid community service internships. TIPS believes that engaging young people in their communities helps produce socially-conscious leaders with a dedication to service. By matching the interests and skills of each teen with the needs of partnering non-profits, TIPS creates mutually benefitting experiences for the individual while providing assistance to the organization. Cultivating a sense of social responsibility and awareness in young individuals by connecting teens with life-changing opportunities and internships at non-profit organizations, TIPS promotes a lifelong spirit of giving and endeavor.       

World Housing is a non-profit that, in collaboration with individuals, businesses, and real estate partners, builds and gifts homes to slum-dwelling families in the developing world. World Housing positively transforms communities in ways that radiate beyond individuals into entire families, villages, and countries by building safe and secure homes. Families who live in homes enjoy greater freedom to raise the standard of living for themselves and further generations to come. World Housing helps families thrive by providing homes that give greater access to nutrition, healthcare and education. Through its partner network, World Housing builds homes and communities in areas of most need.             

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