Updated 10.20.20



As a general principle, TIGER 21 encourages Members to visit Groups other than their own. This cross-pollination benefits the Member, the visited Group, and TIGER 21 as an organization. Various ideas, perspectives, and experiences are shared within our Membership, advancing our Learn, Access, Connect mission.

The typical Group meeting offers room for one visiting Member per meeting. So, while there is a presumption that visiting Members are welcome, the requested visit first needs to be confirmed by the Chair of the “to be visited” Group since there may be issues that limit visitors to a particular meeting, such as meeting size limitations, confidentiality concerns of the Member giving a Portfolio Defense at the “to be visited” meeting, or conflicts of interest with the visiting Member and a Member in the Group to be visited.

Members should plan visits with the underlying purpose of Learn, Access, Connect, and not to sell or solicit unless expressly agreed to by the host Chair and with the full consent of the host Group Members. Any visiting Member who is invited to share an opportunity must be Qualified (competed a PD at their home Group and have been a Member of TIGER 21 for more than 12 months). Visiting Members that violate the non-solicitation policy will be prohibited from visiting other Groups during the remainder of their Membership period, or if warranted, have their Membership terminated.

Policy Details 

We encourage Members to visit Group meetings of other Groups, provided:

  • The visiting Member needs to first reach out to the Chair of the Group to be visited to confirm their participation. This can be done in two ways:
    • T21 Connect
      • All Group meetings are listed under Events > Group Meetings
      • Find the Group Meeting you would like to attend and click the “request to attend” button, then select weather you want to attend the entire meeting or just the presenter portion. Then hit “submit” to send a request to the Chair to facilitate your request to visit.
    • TIGER 21 Membership Experience Advisor
      • Members can email their Membership Experience Advisor at membership@tiger21.com with details such as City, Group, Chair, Dates of requested visit, and any other relevant information.
  • The Chair and/or the Membership staff will notify you with confirmation from the Group Chair that you may attend the meeting, or with any reasons as to why a request could not be fulfilled.
  • Generally, once a visit has been confirmed, the Chair of the Group to be visited will reach out to you to discuss the upcoming meeting, learn more about your reasons for visiting the Group and share any particular nuances of the meeting, all with the intent of helping ensure the meeting provides value to all participants.
  • As to participating in the Defense segment during a visit, it is at the discretion of the Member presenting the Defense in consultation with the Chair.
    • To minimize any discomfort for the Member who is defending his or her portfolio, or other topics in the Defensive Library, the visiting Member should assume that he/she will not be allowed to stay for the Defense. If, before or during the meeting, the Member presenting the Portfolio Defense gains sufficient comfort to invite the visiting Member to stay, the Chair should be responsible for facilitating that process. 
  • If a Sabbatical Member attends a Group other than his/her home Group, it will count towards the limit of attending five Group meetings during the membership 12-month period.
  • Visitors other than TIGER 21 Members, thoroughly vetted candidates for Membership, and TIGER 21 staff are only permitted on a case-by-case basis and will be contingent upon discussions between the Chair and TIGER 21 Senior Staff.
  • Special considerations for Virtual Visits:
    • With the broad adaption of Zoom as a tool to allow Members to virtually attend meetings, the same guidelines as in-person Group visits generally apply. This helps ensure the intimacy and trust at the core of a TIGER 21 Group meeting remain intact.
  • Considerations for Members wanting to join a meeting virtually for the sole purpose of participating in the presenter session of the meeting.
    • Generally, information on presenters and topics for upcoming meetings are posted to the Group’s meeting agenda on T21 Connect seven days before the meeting date (subject to change depending on presenter availability).
    • While virtually joining to hear a presenter may seem like a simple request, there are numerous reasons why a Group may not be receptive to having visiting Members join for the presenter session only, including; not being set up for remote participants; Groups may have selected presenters specifically for an intimate engagement with their Members; the presenter may not want to expand their comments beyond Members of the host Group; or other reasons.
    • Members of other Groups who are interested in virtually joining the Group only for the presenter portion of the meeting should submit a request to the host Chair through T21 Connect or by contacting their Member Experience Advisor.
    • The Chair and/or Membership staff will notify you with confirmation from the Group Chair that you may attend the meeting, or with any reasons as to why a request could not be fulfilled.