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February 15, 2024

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At TIGER 21, we’re building an engaged global community to make each Member’s success more meaningful, impactful, and enduring. TIGER 21 Family Office Groups focus on creating generational success for Members’ families by navigating needs related to managing a single-family office.

TIGER 21 Family Office Groups are comprised of principals who currently have a Family Office or for entrepreneurs who recently had a major liquidity event and are looking to set up a Family Office. According to The Family Office Growth News, “the Family Office industry is a complex and evolving landscape – controlling a staggering $10 trillion in capital across approximately 15,000 global Family Offices.”

“I think we’re in the third inning of the evolution of Family Offices. Over the next five to ten years, I think as private equity and venture capital disrupted the public markets in the early- to mid-80s, Family Offices are going to start, not replace, to disrupt the private equity and venture capital industries.”

Ron Diamond, TIGER 21 Chair, in The Family Office Growth News

In addition to Family Office Groups, TIGER 21 offers all Members the opportunity to join its Family Office Network. This is a space to connect with each other on succession and legacy planning, governance best practices, and more Family Office related topics. This is one of TIGER 21’s Lifestyle and Investment Networks, which are available to all Members based on common interests. Together they share expertise, learn from subject matter experts, and participate in virtual meetings, online discussions, and events. Learn more about TIGER 21 Networks here.

Secure Generational Success for Your Single-Family Office

Unlike vendor-driven offerings that sell family office products, TIGER 21 Family Office Groups provide a strictly no-solicitation space. They provide Family Office best practices from experienced peers in a safe, confidential environment facilitated by a dedicated Chair. TIGER 21 Chairs are experienced leaders with business acumen, investment savvy, and a strong ability to manage Group dynamics.

Meet the TIGER 21 Family Office Group Chairs

Chris Cecil, TIGER 21 Chair – Charlotte & Family Office

Chris Cecil is the Founder and President of Biltmore Family Office, LLC, a collaborative family office group. He brings 30 years of experience to investment-oriented business owners, entrepreneurs, and their families focusing on such areas as investment management, asset allocation, investment policy creation, multi-generational planning, and the succession of family offices. Previously, Chris was a Partner of GenSpring Family Offices, has served as a President for JPMorgan Private Bank, and Senior Managing Director at Brown Brothers Harriman & Co.

Ron Diamond - TIGER 21 Chair, Chicago

Ron Diamond, TIGER 21 Chair – Chicago & Family Office

Ron Diamond is the Founder and Chairman of Diamond Wealth, with divisions focusing on philanthropy, wealth transfer, investment banking, social impact, and governance. He is the Founder of Family Office World, a podcast whose mission is to educate the market about Family Offices. Ron serves on the Advisory Board of 10 privately held companies and acts as Chairman for 4 of them.

Jeff Hays - TIGER 21 Chair, Nashville

Jeff Hays, TIGER 21 Chair – Nashville & Family Office

Jeff Hays co-founded a research & asset management firm in 2001. He played a crucial role in expanding its assets to over $2 billion as president. In 2017, Jeff became a TIGER 21 chair, focusing on peer-to-peer collaboration to enhance Members’ investment, business, and family decision-making. After transitioning from his asset management firm in 2019, he founded JH Consulting, offering family office consulting services.

Doug Johnson, TIGER 21 Chair – Denver & Family Office

A past investment and trust advisor, Doug Johnson’s experience includes public markets, direct investments, banking, venture, deal sourcing and syndication. In addition, Doug has served on several boards and commissions primarily focused on education and economic development.

Learn more about family office types or services in our blog series. If you are interested in hearing more about TIGER 21’s Family Office Groups, contact us.

The best way to go through this transition is not to do it just from people who are selling you advice, but to actually learn from peers who have been on the same journey who might be a few years ahead or a few years behind… The facilitator, he or she is called the Chair, that facilitator is simply setting the table for these peers to learn from one another.”

– Michael Sonnenfeldt, TIGER 21 Founder & Chairman, on the Family Office World Podcast
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