TIGER 21 is a place where you can safely be told the truth you need to hear – about your wealth and your life. We give secure, unparalleled access to the objective ideas, knowledge and experience of the world’s most accomplished entrepreneurs and business leaders. Our Members are free from personal motives and are focused on common goals – successful management of personal wealth, health, and individual growth.

We accomplish this through a proven process that includes confidential peer learning groups, comprised of up to 15 vetted high-net-worth individuals, meeting monthly in local, full-day sessions – essentially creating your own personal board of advisors. 

Member Benefits


TIGER 21 provides a safe, confidential space for Members to explore ideas without feeling exposed or sold. The dialogue is relevant, candid, and beyond valuable. Through their Groups, Members have access to a unique group of peers who have experienced similar issues and circumstances. Because of this informed perspective, Members are in a position to personally recommend advisors, experts, and resources to each other. The Group meeting provides a forum for learning, discussion and engaging conversation.

Each Group develops independently under the leadership of its Chair and Members, who each bring their own unique background and insight to the table. TIGER 21 Chairs have facilitated leadership groups or senior management teams, and their role in each Group meeting is to create an environment of collaboration and cooperation. At the same time, Chairs manage a robust agenda punctuated by Member-to-Member dialogue, guest presenters, our unique Portfolio Defense® exercise and ongoing consideration of investment opportunities.

TIGER 21 is not for everyone. Members must be willing to invest their time and be open and honest. In exchange for their time and participation, Members receive unbiased, insightful advice from high-net-worth people in similar situations.

Real Time Market Updates

Members are invited to participate in regularly scheduled Market Updates. These further enhance the TIGER 21 experience by allowing our Members the opportunity to engage with fellow Members on select topics, and interact with prominent business leaders, philanthropists, and financial professionals. Each Market Update concludes with a Q & A session where Members can query experts on their investment strategies and insights into the world markets. Past participants have included prominent hedge-fund manager John Paulson, legendary investor Jeremy Grantham, Barron's Roundtable Member Scott Black, and revered hedge fund manager Paul Singer of Elliott Associates, LP. Spontaneous Market Updates have also been scheduled to discuss everything from market turbulence, to changes in world economies and potential interest rate shifts. Calls with variety of notable industry experts have discussed topics such as China, MLPs, Brexit, and the most recent presidential election. Experts have included:


TIGER 21 Members have the opportunity to participate in many social events. From visiting the galleries at Art Basel Miami to a Members and family ski weekend in Jackson Hole, Wyoming, Members and spouses or significant others can take advantage of the many extraordinary experiences that accompany TIGER 21 Membership. Members have traveled with their groups to Necker Island for a spectacular intimate group meeting experience, have held a meeting on the top of a glacier in Canada, and helicoptered over Masada in Israel together. Recent trips have included a music-filled Desert Trip in Indio, CA, and a once-in-a-lifetime cultural journey to Cuba.

TIGER 21 also hosts events designed to highlight specific opportunities for consideration by Members, and we hold roundtable discussions centered around topics such as Early Stage and Angel Investing, Philanthropy, and Real Estate.

Exclusive Offers & Partners

TIGER 21 is aware that the most expensive cost of membership is the value of our Members’ time, so we continually strive to deliver benefits that far exceed the value of this time commitment. Along those lines, TIGER 21 works diligently to identify new products and services designed to bring additional value to our Members. Our collective buying power helps Members to offset some of their dues via world-class offerings that provide certain incentives, deals, and discounts. TIGER 21 has built strong relationships with several luxury and lifestyle brands, as well as financial services companies, to bring exclusive solutions and products to our Members.

If you are interested in learning more about TIGER 21, please complete the contact form and you will receive a copy of our most recent Asset Allocation Report.