Updated 08.11.23


TIGER 21 is a global community of wealth creators, investors, and executives who are lifelong learners and who collaborate to become better investors, wealth preservers, and more personally fulfilled. These benefits derive from Members engaging in a confidential, transparent, and solicitation-free environment. To optimize the TIGER 21 experience and ensure common norms are respected, Members are asked to adhere to the Membership Principles-Code of Conduct noted below. Members are responsible for the conduct of their family members and guests who may from time to time participate in events and functions within the TIGER 21 community. These Principles are in addition to, and not in substitution of, the Membership Agreement. Should any inconsistency arise, the Membership Agreement shall prevail.

TIGER 21 Membership Principles-Code of Conduct.

TIGER 21 Membership rests on four key principles: Confidentiality, Non-solicitation, Transparency and Participation. Three of the Membership Principles – Confidentiality, Non-solicitation, and Transparency – are deemed Level 1, meaning that one instance of a violation may lead to immediate expulsion from TIGER 21. Continued Membership is contingent upon adherence to all of these principles.

I. Confidentiality | Level 1

  • TIGER 21 relies on absolute confidentiality between Members. Members agree to:
    • Retain as confidential any information shared within a Group, by Members of another Group, or by non-TIGER 21 Members attending a meeting;
    • Retain as confidential any information shared by Members outside the group setting, including T21 Connect, unless expressly permitted to reveal such information;
    • Not copy, aggregate, or share information, especially contact details, from T21 Connect, or use said information for marketing, solicitation, or creating lists of any kind. Breach of this rule may result in Membership termination.
    • Not identify TIGER 21 Members as such in public without their express permission;
    • Exercise extreme care when communicating with TIGER 21 Members to preserve confidentiality, particularly any communication visible to non-TIGER 21 Members.

II. Non-Solicitation | Level 1

Soliciting business, investment, or philanthropic opportunities, to fellow Members, visitors, presenters, Chairs, or staff is antithetical to the TIGER 21 experience. As such, Members agree to:

  • Refrain from soliciting other TIGER 21 Members for investment in any fund, venture, product, or philanthropy they sponsor or are related to in any way; adhering to the TIGER 21 Non-solicitation Policy and Guidelines which can be seen here.
  • Allow exceptions only with full and formal Group consensus strictly conforming to criteria established in the Solicitation Exceptions and Opportunities addendum here.

III. Transparency | Level 1

Transparency is required between Members of the Group, the Group Chair, and TIGER 21 to minimize potential conflicts of interest. Members agree to:

  • Disclose completely and in advance any financial relationship, including fees, with fellow Members or the Group Chair of the same Group or any other TIGER 21 Chair;
  • Request the explicit agreement of a sharing Member before pursuing any private business or investment opportunities stemming from their disclosure;
  • Disclose any financial compensation related to a presentation by a Member, visiting Member or third party.

IV. Participation

TIGER 21 thrives on Members sharing their experiences and insights in their Groups, as well as in the larger, global TIGER 21 community. Members agree to:

  • Meeting Attendance and Participation
    • Make every reasonable effort to attend and participate in a minimum of eight of the eleven monthly meetings of their home Group over the course of their annual Membership period.
    • Inform the Group Chair of non-attendance as far in advance as possible;
  • Meeting Protocol
    • Being punctual and attending the entire meeting;
    • Treating fellow Members with mutual respect, attention, and consideration;
    • Engaging fellow Members honestly and clearly, with fairness, tolerance, and transparency, and providing constructive, charitable criticism when appropriate;
    • Adhere to the Group Operating Agreements developed by each Group that address those particular items of significance and importance that are in addition to any TIGER 21 policies and procedures.
  • Group Visit Protocol
    • TIGER 21 encourages visits to other Groups. When doing so, Members agree to:
      • Contact a Host Group Chair prior to visiting another Group to request attendance at the meeting.
      • Be mindful that attending a Defense segment of a Host Group meeting is at the discretion of the Chair and the Member presenting.
    • To see the complete Group Visit Protocol guidelines, click here.
    • T21 Connect Network Participation Protocol
      • TIGER 21 connects and engages the global Membership community from the private Members only portal “T21 Connect”
      •  Members who have completed a profile that has been verified by TIGER 21 will have opportunities to apply for participation in TIGER 21 Networks and Member Networks.
      • Members who apply and are accepted into a Network also must agree to follow the policies, procedures and operating agreements of the specific Network.
      • Members can “Opt-Out” of any Network by selecting “leave network” on that specific networks home page.
      • For all Networks, Members agree to:
        • Use Network discussions to stimulate fruitful dialogue, not to provoke contention;
        • Post content to the appropriate forum, and that is appropriate for a general readership;
        • Refrain from posting personal attacks, or content that is insulting or disparaging;
        • Reference reproduced content and include a link to the original source;
        • TIGER 21 reserves the right to delete any Member post violating these principles.
        • Any Member can report (flag) a discussion post as inappropriate for that specific network, or as being in violation of the T21 Connect Guidelines. Posts that have been flagged will be reviewed by TIGER 21 staff for compliance with Member and Network guidelines, with appropriate remediation to follow
      • Members that do not adhere to the policies, procedures, and operating agreements of the specific Network may be subject to expulsion from that Network.

Participation within the “TIGER 21 Community” which includes other Members, Chairs, and TIGER 21 Staff.

  • Accept and embrace the diversity of perspectives across the TIGER 21 Community. Different business, geographic, cultural, age, gender, and ethnic perspectives enhance the collective intelligence that all Members benefit from.
  • While TIGER 21 is a place for Members to learn, access, and connect, for TIGER 21 management, it is a workplace for TIGER 21 Team Members, and as such, Members, their families, and their guests must engage in respectful interactions with Team Members, with all that entails (e.g., respect, safety, values, etc.)
  • Members, their families, and their guests must treat vendors, sponsors, and all others in a manner that does not harm the reputation of TIGER 21 or its Members.
  • Proactively address disagreements and counterviews directly with Members of the TIGER 21 Community on a one-to-one basis in a respectful exchange and not through mass emails, texts, chats, or discussion board posts to other Community Members.


The Member Principles – Code of Conduct applies to every Member. Members must affirm at the beginning of each renewal year that they understand and commit to the Membership Principles – Code of Conduct.

Consistent understanding and enforcement of the policies and procedures supporting this code promotes the core values of TIGER 21. Undesirable behavior contrary to this code has the potential to harm the TIGER 21 reputation and the reputations of Members by their association with TIGER 21.

Violations of Level 1 Membership Principles – Code of Conduct Areas may result in a loss of Membership.

Membership Principles – Code of Conduct enforcement is conducted by the Conduct Committee. The significance of a violation and any consequences therein may vary based on the circumstances that are determined through a Conduct Committee’s investigative process. Member expulsion is a possible consequence as outlined in the Membership Agreement.

Reporting Membership Principles – Code of Conduct Violations

Reports of potential violations of the Membership Principles – Code of Conduct are handled on a strictly confidential basis. Any potential violations should be reported to any one of the following: