Group Meetings

At the core of TIGER 21 is the confidential Group meeting. These peer-to-peer sessions take place eleven times annually and they provide a unique forum for candid discussions and relationship building among individuals facing the challenges and opportunities of managing wealth.

This TIGER 21 learning experience improves each Member’s investment acumen through peer feedback and critique, while exploring wealth preservation, estate planning and family dynamics. Our Members share their best thinking, experience, curiosity, and integrity with fellow Group Members, as well as the entire TIGER 21 community. The range of expertise and investment styles among Members, shared in a secure and intimate environment of trust and transparency, offers immeasurable insights and value not found anywhere else.

Outside of Group meetings, Chairs meet one-on-one with their individual Group Members to provide additional learning, support and convesation on topics important to the Member.

Headliner Events

TIGER 21 attracts the best and brightest leaders from diverse disciplines through its Headliner Series. Some of our past guests include such notable presenters as George Soros, legendary financier, philanthropist and philosopher; Carl Icahn, corporate raider turned shareholder activist; George Mitchell, former United States Senate Majority Leader; Joi Ito, Director of the MIT Media Lab; Alan Dershowitz, Felix Frankfurter Professor of Law at Harvard Law School; and Hardeep Walia, Founder and CEO of Motif Investing, Inc. TIGER 21 is able to bring our world-class speakers to all Members, regardless of location, through audio recordings, and all presentations are archived online for reference after the events. To learn more about our Headliner presenters, click here.

Annual Conference

The Annual Conference, always held at a world-class resort, is a “can't miss” experience that our Members truly enjoy. This event is designed as a forum to bring together Members and their families and to share ideas in a collective learning and social environment. A highlight of the Annual Conference is often an address by a world-class industry leader. Previous speakers have included luminaries such as Condoleezza Rice, Howard Schultz, Sam ZellLeon Black, Thomas Friedman, Byron Wien, Doris Kearns-Goodwin, Paul BloomHoward MarksJeffrey GundlachCharles Bronfman, among many others. Members come for the speakers, as well as the opportunity to interact with the full membership and meet peers from across the continent in an intellectually stimulating environment.

The TIGER 21 Annual Conference has been described as North America’s answer to the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland. It is a three-day event where thought leaders from diverse industries present to TIGER 21 Members and their families. At the most recent annual conference, in 2018, topics ranged from the road ahead for artificial intelligence and robotics, to passive vs. active investing, to the evolving geopolitical landscape.

Conference attendees universally applauded and appreciated the range and background of the presenters, as indicated by the quality and quantity of the questions they were asked. The range and depth of our presenters gets more impressive year over year, and the involvement in the room is palatable.

Private TIGER 21 Member Website

TIGER 21’s robust online Member community, accessed through our secure Member portal, allows Members to participate in forum discussions on a full range of topics, peruse our online content, and listen/view archived audios and videos of Headliner presentations, Conference Calls, and Special Events. Members can also interact directly with each other through our Member Forum. They can ask each other questions, post requests for assistance, and share interesting learning online.

TIGER 21 Research

TIGER 21 compiles research from its membership. This research serves as a barometer to:

  • Provide useful data points on where the markets are moving
  • Help Members decide how they may want to invest
  • Identify trends

For example, in unstable markets TIGER 21 Members were surveyed about the turmoil of the market place to provide useful data to the membership. Because they had access to data about what their peers were doing, some Members made changes to their portfolios while others were more confident with the present structure of their investments. In addition to the surveys that are fielded to reflect the impact of market changes, the Members' Favorite Investment Survey is conducted on a yearly basis.

This survey outlines TIGER 21 Members’ favorite investments and what changes the membership is planning to make to their portfolios. TIGER 21 also releases an Asset Allocation Survey quarterly, which shows trends and shifts by asset class and is another helpful tool for TIGER 21 Members. In addition to our ongoing surveys, TIGER 21 develops research on specific topics, including impact investing, MLPs, China, energy, etc. These reports help TIGER 21 Members make informed decisions and gain exposure to favorable opportunities.

If you are interested in learning more about TIGER 21, please complete the contact form and you will receive a copy of our most recent Asset Allocation Report.