Finding New Purpose After Selling a Business | Minneapolis TIGER 21 Chair in Poised for Exit Podcast 


Debra Xu

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March 22, 2024

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Investments, Press Release

In a recent podcast, Minneapolis TIGER 21 Chair Bonnie Speer McGrath, illuminated the significance of a private peer group like TIGER 21, particularly during the pivotal periods before and after the sale of a business. With entrepreneurship in her blood, Bonnie embarked on her entrepreneurial voyage at 24, eventually founding and selling two startups. Following the sale, she transitioned from her CEO role to concentrate on her family, deepen her community involvement, and lend her expertise to various private and nonprofit boards. 

Bonnie delves into the nuances of selling a business, referencing TIGER 21’s Life After A Business series,  which showcases stories from Members who’ve personally undergone this transition. “Transitioning to a New Identity & Sense of Purpose” provides a closer look at their experiences, highlighting the personal and professional hurdles and opportunities encountered after a sale. 

She discusses her experience on the Poised for Exit podcast with Julie Keyes about leading the first Minneapolis-based TIGER 21 Group, with the formation of a second in progress, and how the exclusive, invitation-only assembly of ultra-high-net-worth individuals aims at facilitating discussions around life after accumulating significant wealth. The shared experiences of TIGER 21 Members, who’ve effectively maneuvered through the complex journey after finding success in their careers, prove to be a priceless asset during crucial life changes. 

Moreover, Bonnie highlights the structure and essence of TIGER 21 Meetings, which include educational sessions, the innovative concept of portfolio defense, and the unique insights she’s garnered as a Chair. She emphasizes the transformative effect of TIGER 21 on her life and fellow Members, highlighting exclusive offerings like the annual Global Exchange conference, specialized business sale courses, and virtual networks that cultivate sub-community connections. 

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