Transitioning to a New Identity & Sense of Purpose | Life After Selling a Business Series, Insights, Volume 2



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March 23, 2023

Selling a business—especially one that’s been grown from the ground up—is a huge decision. While the financial implications loom large, the personal implications are equally significant—and can’t be overlooked.  

For our second installation in the Life After Selling a Business series, we interviewed three members of the TIGER 21 community who went through an exit. Transitioning to a New Identity & Sense of Purpose shares their thoughts on the challenges, opportunities, issues, and emotions they experienced surrounding their identity and sense of purpose after the sale.

The report also presents four recommendations for entrepreneurs who might find themselves in similar circumstances, wondering, “What’s next?”  

Download your copy of the full report to get new perspectives on the questions of identity and purpose that confront many entrepreneurs after selling their businesses. 

In the report, you’ll learn:

  • How one Member navigated the deep sense of loss that followed the sale of his family business.
  • The different avenues Members explored after the sale to reignite their sense of purpose.
  • How a “new chapter” mindset can help post-sale entrepreneurs embrace their next phase with excitement and curiosity.

As Members face questions of identity and purpose after selling their businesses, TIGER 21 offers them a place to explore these personal issues, as well as the concrete financial ones that accompany an exit. In small, intimate Groups that act as their personal board of directors, Members discuss issues, identify opportunities, and share personal experiences.

Closing on the sale of a business can feel like a triumph – and a transition. Transitioning to a New Identity & Sense of Purpose: Life After Selling a Business Series, Insights Volume 2 offers you a glimpse into the types of insights shared within the TIGER 21 community. With the takeaways and tools in this report, entrepreneurs facing an exit can enter this phase well positioned to write a fulfilling new chapter of their lives—by design. To learn more, download your copy.

In case you missed the first of the series, download the report to learn more about what business owners can expect after the sale of their business.

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