A Purposeful Legacy | TIGER 21 CEO in Singapore’s A+: At the Vanguard 


Debra Xu

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February 12, 2024

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Press Article, News

“Legacy is personal, so we try to help each Member be purposeful about what they want theirs to be.” 

Timothy F. Daniels, TIGER 21 Chief Executive Officer

Timothy F. Daniels, TIGER 21 Chief Executive Officer, defines TIGER 21’s key objective in a feature as part of “A+ Advocates” in “A+ : At the Vanguard” Magazine during his recent visit to Singapore. Tim emphasizes the importance of managing unexpected complications while creating a meaningful life and legacy after wealth. This holds particular relevance in Singapore, given its growing affluent economy poised to generate multi-generational wealth. A former resident of Singapore, Tim highlights TIGER 21’s recent Group launch in the city-state, and its role in building a collaborative community for successful entrepreneurs and investors which provides diverse perspectives and first-class experiences in a confidential environment. 

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