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May 27, 2020

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@Home Summit: New World Opportunities Enables Members to Network Online on Global Strategies Amid COVID-19

New York, NY – May 27, 2020 – TIGER 21, the premier peer membership organization for high-net-worth wealth creators, has concluded its first all-virtual @Home Summit: New World Opportunities. The two-day event — on May 20 and 21– included high-net-worth wealth creators, welcoming more than 600 attendees from the United States, Canada, and Europe, who learned from one another as well as top leaders and experts from a variety of disciplines.

The @Home Summit provides TIGER 21’s more than 775 Members with a unique opportunity to glean insights from prominent experts on topics ranging from geopolitical concerns to market opportunities resulting from today’s pandemic, while offering an unparalleled opportunity for Members across the globe to share ideas with each other. 

“The launch of our first virtual conference offers our Members an exclusive chance to gather online to understand and discuss the challenges and opportunities in this new world,” said Michael Sonnenfeldt, Founder and Chairman of TIGER 21. ” It was truly extraordinary to be able to shift back and forth from world-class speakers addressing our entire community to dozens of breakout sessions where 10-20 Members from across the globe could deliberate and dissect the possibilities and risks embedded in the keynote presentations.  This new form of peer learning is one of the hidden benefits we have only recently begun to explore and the potential  for our Members is simply amazing.”

Geopolitics was among the overarching themes of the @Home Summit. The Summit kicked off with New York Times foreign affairs columnist and three-time Pulitzer Prize winner, Thomas Friedman, who discussed the biggest trends shaping the world today, including the impact of COVID-19, the US-China relationship, and the future of globalization.

David M. Rubenstein – Co-Founder and Co-Executive Chairman of The Carlyle Group, one of the world’s largest and most successful private investment firms managing $217 billion – addressed the implications of the pandemic, the future of the private equity market, and potential investment opportunities in healthcare and other areas.

Additionally, the real estate market and other investment opportunities in today’s economy were addressed by Sam Zell, legendary real estate investor and Founder and Chairman of Equity Group Investments. 

“The spectrum of topics covered at the TIGER 21 @Home Summit offered our Members a unique opportunity to examine our ever-changing world and how to confront the issues and address opportunities it presents,” Timothy F. Daniels, President and CEO of TIGER 21, shared. “This all-virtual event allows TIGER 21 Members a confidential space to have discussions with peers to learn from each other as well as thought leaders. This type of interaction is the cornerstone of the TIGER 21 experience, which is designed to allow Members to learn, access, and connect with one another.”

About TIGER 21

TIGER 21 is the premier peer membership organization for high-net-worth wealth creators and preservers and helps them to navigate the challenges and opportunities that success creates. With more than 775 Members, TIGER 21 Members collectively manage personal assets of $77+ billion. Members are current and former entrepreneurs, investors and top executives. TIGER 21 leads with a unique approach to financial acumen and wealth preservation that focuses on leveraging collective wisdom, shining a light on personal blind spots, and engaging Members in an extraordinary community to protect, connect, and enhance their lives.  Founded in 1999, TIGER 21 has 67 confidential Groups of about 12-15 Members each that meet for a full day each month in 31 cities across the U.S., Canada, and U.K. Each Group functions as a personal board of directors for its constituent Members. Membership is by invitation only. To learn more about TIGER 21, please visit www.TIGER21.com.

About TIGER 21

TIGER 21 is an exclusive global community of ultra-high-net-worth entrepreneurs, investors, and executives.

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