The Outlook for Japan’s Real Estate Market | Singapore TIGER 21 Chair on AsianInvestor 


Debra Xu

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March 20, 2024

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Investments, News

Despite potential challenges from rising interest rates, Japan’s real estate market remains a top choice for institutional investors and wealthy individuals in the Asia Pacific, according to recent data that shows a significant decline in investment flows in Q4 2023. 

What drives the sustained interest in this market? Insights from industry experts, compiled by Hugo Cox for AsianInvestor, shed light on the appeal of Japan’s real estate and possible concerns on the horizon. 

Kanu Gupta, an investor and Singapore TIGER 21 Chair, highlighted Japan’s real estate as particularly attractive due to its strong performance and high-quality yields, emphasizing the broader bullish sentiment towards Asia by high-net-worth investors.  

“Significant investment interest exists for Japan given how well the markets have performed recently and there is particularly strong interest in its real estate markets due to high-quality yields,” Gupta told AsianInvestor. 

TIGER 21 was also highlighted as an organization of ultra-high-net-worth entrepreneurs, investors, and executives, which recently opened its first Singapore Group. 

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