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June 5, 2014

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Leading Wealth Networking Group TIGER 21 Grows West Coast PresenceSan Francisco (June 20, 2008) – In less than two years, the premier peer-to-peer learning network forhigh net worth investors, TIGER 21, has grown to five groups in California with new groups being planned. The Golden State represents a full quarter of TIGER 21 membership ‚Äì which stands at more than 160 members nationally, representing over $10 billion of combined investable assets.TIGER 21 established its first California groups at the beginning of 2007 with about 15 members in LosAngeles, San Francisco and San Diego. Two additional groups have been added, bringing membership inthe state to nearly 40. Members, whose wealth stems largely from the technology and real estate industries, are ‚Äì like the majority of TIGER 21 ‚Äì self made and motivated individuals who understand that becoming a smarter investor is a life-long learning process.Groups meet monthly to share investment ideas and share personal experiences on a broad range of wealth- related issues. TIGER 21 offers members professionally facilitated meetings in a confidential setting where they gain insight into proper money management as well as opportunities for select investments. With financial markets in turmoil and investment opportunities slowing, the benefits of membership are even more profound now than just two years ago.”In this market, preserving wealth is as important as increasing wealth. While our members tend to be life-long learners, the economic unease affecting the country has certainly made our shared intelligence and peer-based learning model all the more valuable to those looking to protect their assets. We’ve seen steady interest in TIGER 21 here, since we established the first groups in California about 16 months ago.” said Lew Haskell, who directs TIGER 21’s West Coast operations.TIGER 21 members are reacting to the pressures of a down market, albeit with the confidence that comes from being able to ask questions of and receive input from trusted group members. According to a survey of TIGER 21 members nationally released earlier this year, three-fourths review their portfolios at least four times a year. This is in addition to TIGER 21’s hallmark “Portfolio Defense,” where members open their books before their own group and receive constructive comments on their asset allocations. Challenging even in a bull market, each member goes through this exercise once a year.Another benefit of TIGER 21 membership is access to leading financial experts. Some of the country’s most renowned financial writers, private equity investors, portfolio managers and hedge fund principals regularly make presentations to TIGER 21 groups. In fact, a recent presenter in Southern California was Eric Savitz, West Coast Editor at Barron’s. Mr. Savitz spoke to an all-members luncheon on technology, investing and the financial markets. In October, money manager Mohnish Pabrai, who likens his investment style to Warren Buffett, will headline an all-member luncheon in California.West Coast members are also invited to attend all-member luncheons held in New York, Florida and Dallas to hear top-flight speakers. Or they can watch presentations through a member-only digital feed that broadcasts meetings live as well as records them for archived viewing.”We’ve seen strong interest from self-directed high net worth investors throughout California whounderstand the value of collective wisdom and are seeking a confidential environment for discussing issues that affect their investment decisions. We had entrepreneurs and former CEOs from various industries join us in California to help us gain a strong foothold in Los Angeles, San Francisco and San Diego and we are now looking to other parts of California for a sixth group,” said Michael Sonnenfeldt, founder and chairman of TIGER 21.About TIGER 21TIGER 21 is the nation’s premier peer-to-peer learning group for high net worth investors. Building onshared collective intelligence, TIGER 21 members seek to enhance investment returns while limiting their investment risks to acceptable levels. There are currently sixteen TIGER 21 learning groups, representing more than 160 investors, with investable assets over $10 billion. Founded in New York, TIGER 21 now has investor groups in New York, California, Florida and Texas. For more, visit https://tiger21.com.

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