Tech Innovator to Agriculture Investor | Podcast Interview with TIGER 21 Member Jay Girotto


Jennifer Shraim

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April 5, 2024

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Investments, News

Sarasota TIGER 21 Member Jay Girotto shared his unique journey from the world of tech, including stints at Microsoft, and multiple startups to founding a firm that makes direct farmland investments on behalf of families, Farmland Opportunity, in a recent Business Observer “From the Corner Office” podcast with host Mark Gordon. Jay discussed several pivotal themes crucial to his success, emphasizing the significance of understanding one’s fit in their career, the value of nurturing long-term relationships, and the critical skill of preserving optionality in decision-making.  

Jay described his commitment, which extends beyond the business realm, and how he is deeply invested in helping other families engage in legacy planning and farmland investment. Under his leadership, Farmland Opportunity is dedicated to making significant strides in the agriculture space, advocating for a collaborative leadership model and the importance of loving what you do.  

After building his company, Jay decided to move to Sarasota – a destination he chose many years earlier for relocation – and found a network beyond business through TIGER 21.  Within this community, he found like-minded individuals, broadening his investment horizons beyond his area of expertise. Jay highlighted the diversity and global reach of TIGER 21, as well as the specific experiences he has benefitted from first in his Seattle Group, and now in the Sarasota Group led by TIGER 21 Chair Wendi Chapman, who is currently building a second Group.  

Listen to the full podcast.

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