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September 15, 2014

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Leading high-net-worth investor group reaches 250 Members, representing $25 billion in investable assets

New York (June 10, 2014) – Marking its 15thyear, TIGER 21, the leading network of learning groups for high-net-worth investors has reached two major milestones this spring. The premier peer-to-peer investor group recently welcomed its 250th Member and the collective investable assets of the membership have passed $25 billion.

Founded in 1999 with an initial roster of New York-based investors seeking to leverage their shared knowledge and to learn from one another’s successes and mistakes, TIGER 21 has grown into a formidable international network of investor intelligence, with groups in 16 major cities in the U.S. and Canada. The majority of TIGER 21 Members have assets between $10 million and $100 million, with a significant number of Members well above the $100 million range. No matter where a Member fits within TIGER 21’s spectrum of wealth, those who gain the most value from TIGER 21 are individuals who are looking to grow their investment acumen and believe in the power of collective intelligence.

In the past year, TIGER 21 has launched new groups in Austin, Atlanta, Chicago, Palm Beach and Seattle, and added a second group each in Miami and Washington D.C. These groups add to TIGER 21’s existing network of groups in Dallas, Los Angeles, New York, San Diego and San Francisco, along with Canadian groups in Calgary, Montreal, Toronto and Vancouver. Members are primarily serial entrepreneurs, but also include corporate executives, as well as experienced Wall Street professionals, longtime private investors and senior members of some of the top real estate companies and funds across the country.

Michael Sonnenfeldtfounded TIGER 21 in 1999 after experiencing his second liquidity event in his real estate career. He was looking to establish a close-knit group of other successful business people who would benefit from honest, unvarnished advice related to the challenges entrepreneurs and business leaders have when transitioning from being focused business owners and managers to become disciplined preservers of personal wealth.

“It is gratifying to see how TIGER 21 has grown from just one group in New York to a transcontinental network of extraordinary entrepreneurs and leaders, while never straying from our initial mission of helping Members make better informed decisions about wealth preservation and other critically important life issues that are, in one way or another, impacted or driven by their wealth,” said Mr. Sonnenfeldt.

He added, “Our Members understand the value of the collective intelligence that is fostered through our peer groups and processes honed over 15 years. Although we are not a fund, the $25 billion of investable assets within our Members’ personal portfolio’s now rivals many of the world’s largest private investment vehicles.”

“Membership in TIGER 21 is often seen as the crowning jewel attained only after Members have reached the height of their careers. Indeed, our groups are comprised of many brilliant and successful individuals and I am often in awe of them as well as very grateful to be able to tap into their knowledge to help in making my own investment and personal decisions,” said Sonnenfeldt.

In recent years, many of the world’s best-known names in finance, investing, business and other fields have addressed TIGER 21 Members, including maverick investors George Soros and T. Boone Pickens, renowned activists Carl Icahn and William Ackman, private equity savants Steven Schwarzman and David Rubenstein, and eminent asset managers such as Mohammed El-Erian and Jim Simons. In May, New York Members meeting at TIGER 21’s Upper East Side townhouse were treated to a private Q&A with legendary Harvard law professor and defense lawyer Alan Dershowitz.

The services and benefits for Members have expanded significantly since TIGER 21’s inception. The mainstay remains the monthly confidential group meetings that aim to improve Members’ investment acumen through critique and coaching as well as exploring common issues of wealth preservation, estate planning and family dynamics. That includes the much lauded Portfolio Defense ‚Äì where individual Members give a confidential disclosure and rational defense of their investment portfolio, followed by candid feedback from fellow Members. Similar exercises based on Members’ estate planning and philanthropic activities have become an important part of TIGER 21’s program.

TIGER 21’s Presenter Program complements each meeting by providing access to top financial experts and managers from around the globe who often introduce Members to a variety of investment opportunities. About half of TIGER 21’s presenters focus on issues beyond finance that help Members understand the environment in which key decisions they face are being made. This includes a Headliner Series, where bold-faced names are invited to address the full membership. Members also have the advantage of being exposed to singular opportunities across the investment spectrum.

“We continually try to improve the Member experience. As we’ve grown we have added to the experience and enhanced the benefits of Membership,” explained TIGER 21 President Jonathan Kempner. “In addition to each Member’s monthly participation in their individual group, that includes providing Members with the ability to visit other TIGER 21 groups across North America, along with our headliner presentations, Annual Conference, topical conference calls, proprietary research, unique social events, and exclusive access to luxury partner offerings.”

In January 2011, TIGER 21 hosted its first Annual Conference, a three-day event where Members can connect with the entire TIGER 21 network and hear presentations by leaders from the world of finance, along with experts in health, lifestyle, and philanthropy. Each year, the Annual Conference is hosted at a world-class resort and has quickly become one of North America’s signature financial events and perhaps the only such event that provides insight into such a broad array of topics that are all relevant to the lives and concerns of ultra-high-net-worth investors.

TIGER 21’s regular Member publications include a quarterly Asset Allocation Report and an annual Member Favorites Survey that highlights Members’ most favored investments, categorized by asset class.

TIGER 21’s 26 groups meet monthly in cities throughout North America. Members discuss and debate ideas and use the TIGER 21 community as their informal board of advisors when making investment, personal, financial or familial decisions. The sustaining principle is that no single individual is as smart as the collective intelligence of the Members.


TIGER 21 (The Investment Group for Enhanced Results in the 21st Century) is North America’s premier peer-to-peer learning network for high-net-worth investors. TIGER 21’s almost 260 Members collectively manage over $25 billion in total assets and are entrepreneurs, inventors and top executives or owners of major financial and real estate entities and funds . TIGER 21 focuses on improving investment acumen as well as exploring common issues of wealth preservation and stewardship, estate planning and family dynamics beyond finance. Founded in 1999, TIGER 21 is headquartered in New York City and has groups in Atlanta, Austin, Chicago, Dallas, Los Angeles, Miami, New York, Palm Beach, San Diego, San Francisco, Seattle, Tysons Corner, VA, and Washington, DC as well as Canadian groups in Vancouver, Toronto, Calgary and Montreal. More information can be found at www.tiger21.com.

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