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January 15, 2015

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Tiger 21 andGibraltar Private Bank & Trusthave teamed up for their first conference geared to female spouses of Tiger 21 members.

The firms will hostWomen, Wealth & Familyat Tiger 21‚Ä≤s Manhattan offices on May 21, inviting approximately 30-40 women to discuss wealth management, wealth transfer, the creation of legacy families and other issues related to high-net-worth women.Michael Sonnenfeldt, founder of Tiger 21, said the firms decided to produce a series of finance-themed seminars surrounding women and family in response to requests. “While one spouse typically takes responsibility for managing family finances, there should be a certain level of collaboration, so it’s important for both spouses to understand the dynamics of wealth management,” said Somenfeldt.

Topics for the seminar include “The Role of Women in Managing the Family’s Wealth,” “How Much is Enough” which discusses how best to leave an inheritance to your children without de-motivating them, and “The Spirit of Entrepreneurship” which shows how this spirit can be translated to a solid wealth management plan.

The event marks the first joint-effort for Tiger 21, a wealth management peer organization, and Gibraltar, a South Florida-based private bank. The pair may take the seminar on the road to its other U.S. hubs depending on its success.


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