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August 18, 2022

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1,100+ Member Organization for High-Net-Worth Individuals Taps Vaughn L. McKoy to Lead its First New Jersey TIGER 21 Group

New York, NY – August 18, 2022 – TIGER 21, the premier peer membership organization for high-net-worth wealth creators and preservers, today announced the launch of its first Group in New Jersey. This new Group will be chaired by accomplished law, business and government leader, Vaughn L. McKoy, a New Jersey native.

Through its monthly Meetings, the new TIGER 21 Group will provide Members with a unique and confidential forum in which to focus on improving their investment acumen while exploring issues of wealth preservation, philanthropy, estate planning, health and family dynamics. Currently, TIGER 21’s membership comprises more than 1,100 first-generation wealth creators and preservers who collectively manage approximately $135+ billion in assets.

“New Jersey is home to three of the wealthiest counties in America, and high-net-worth wealth creators in New Jersey and beyond are looking for a confidential and intimate setting to share ideas and discuss unique challenges,” said Mr. McKoy. “Strategies to maintain wealth, opportunities to grow it through investing, learning to transfer it through legacy, and planning to share it through philanthropy are essential here. The Group plans to address topics such as approaches to manage assets after a business exit or significant liquidity event, how to handle complicated family situations, tax planning, global markets, and real estate. Getting comprehensive, candid feedback from a personal board of advisors who are similarly situated creates an amazing peer community, which adds value to Members’ lives.”

Timothy F. Daniels, President and CEO of TIGER 21, said, “TIGER 21 is expanding its network to include states such as New Jersey for the benefit of our membership base.  Vaughn has deep connections with the community, and I know that New Jersey Members will benefit with him as their Chair and believe there will be many synergies with our existing New York Groups.”

In addition to his position with TIGER 21, Mr. McKoy is a partner at the well-established, regional law firm Connell Foley LLP, and is the Co-Founder of two companies, a certified minority and woman-owned business that fills a niche service for the construction industry and operates retail concessions at several U.S. airports, and a consulting company that provides leadership training and coaching services as well as keynote speaking engagements.  In a prior role as COO of the City of Paterson, NJ, Vaughn was appointed by the mayor to help lead the city’s transformation and new policy implementation. In less than two years, he helped to reduce the structural deficit by lowering healthcare costs, increasing business sewer fees, and controlling operating costs. By strategically dispersing $130M in tax credits, he facilitated the funding of several economic development projects, including the renovation of the Hinchliffe Stadium, one of two remaining Negro League baseball stadiums in the country.  

Mr. McKoy received his bachelor’s and law degrees from Rutgers University, and earned his Executive MBA, with a focus on Leadership/Global Business, from New York University, Leonard Stern School of Business.

About TIGER 21

TIGER 21 is the premier peer membership organization for high-net-worth wealth creators and preservers and helps them to navigate the challenges and opportunities that success creates. With more than 1,100 Members, TIGER 21 Members collectively manage personal assets of $135+ billion. Members are current and former entrepreneurs, investors, and top executives. TIGER 21 leads with a unique approach to financial acumen and wealth preservation that focuses on leveraging collective wisdom, shining a light on personal blind spots, and engaging Members in an extraordinary community to protect, connect, and enhance their lives.  Founded in 1999, TIGER 21 has 85+ confidential Groups of about 12-15 Members each that meet for a full day each month in 40+ cities across the U.S., Canada, U.K., Switzerland, and Portugal. Each Group functions as a personal board of directors for its constituent Members. Membership is by invitation only. To learn more about TIGER 21, please visit www.tiger21.com.

About TIGER 21

TIGER 21 is an exclusive global community of ultra-high-net-worth entrepreneurs, investors, and executives.

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