TIGER 21 Members Increase Cash Allocations: Spear’s Magazine


Jennifer Shraim

Published On

September 19, 2022

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Investments, Press Article

As a potential recession approaches, high-net-worth-individuals are increasing cash allocations to build up liquidity, according to TIGER 21 Founder and Chairman Michael Sonnenfeldt. 80% of TIGER 21 Members predict a recession lasting longer than six months, and 30% expect a recession that will last over a year. Michael Sonnenfeldt believes that one reason Members are building up their cash reserves is to be able “to pounce on an opportunity.” Other ways HNWIs are addressing the market downturn include investing in private equity and real estate as well as selling public equities.

Read more about HNW portfolios and asset allocation during concerns over a recession in Chris Hawes’ piece for Spear’s Magazine here:

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